Rev Christopher Marsden ?-1701

Appointed Archdeacon and Rector of Andreas in 1699; perished in a violent storm off Liverpool Oct 1701.

From a letter printed in vol III of Manuscripts of Marquis of Bath (HMC 1908) p42 he was not happy to be on the Island.

Christopher Marsden to Mathew Prior 18 (-29) June 1700

I have been in the Isle of Man since I gave you trouble of the last. My Lord has actually made me Archdeacon there. His Lordship has given me liberty to come over to England for some time to settle my affairs : but then - oh! after that I must return to Man. If you could procure me a prebendary's place or any post in England before I go, or recall me to my native land, I would as long as I have breath pay you grateful acknowledgements.



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