John and Mary Ann Quiggin, fl 1829-1860


John Quiggin was born c.1801 - a member of a large family with interests in timber yards and rope works in Douglas. He was a printer at the Manx Advertiser when he married Mary Ann Gawne, a dressmaker, in Sept 1823. In July 1829 he advertises opening as stationers and in 1832 he advertises his acquisition of a new patent printing press, with offices on North Quay.

In 1841 he separated from Mr Marsden and removed to premises next to Mr Harris's shop [Manx Liberal 18 Jun 1841].

Died 5 August 1843; his widow continued the publishing business under imprint of M.A. Quiggin. His son John Quiggin entered the business (I have seen one dedication signed John Quiggin, printer, dated 1846) but like his father died at an early age - John II died 27 April 1857 aged 31. Mary Quiggin died 11 April 1863.

Both John and Mary seemed to be strong Wesleyan Methodists - John was a Local Preacher from 1823 (and possibly before); Mary Quiggin printed the Wesleyan Circuit Plans for many years. She also published both Rosser's History of Wesleyan Methodism and an updated version of Wesley's Hymns in Manx.



Printed Manx Sun - weekly newspaper until 1841


Annual almanack from 1829

Guidebooks (generally a new reprinting or edition every year)

Third edition of S Haining A Historical Sketch and Descriptive View... (guide book) 1832, 1835 and 1839 (though by then Quiggin was publishing his own).

Quiggin's Illustrated Guide ... - first edition 1836; second edition 1839; third 1847 (by M.A.Quiggin); fourth edition 1852; fifth edition 1852; sixth edition 1856.

The views from these guides were available as separate sets and were also published as "Thirteen Views in the Isle of Man" c.1845

Monographs (incomplete)

Mona Melodist 1839

Ancient Ordinances and Statute Laws 1841

J. Train History of Isle of Man 1844 (originally issued in parts from 1842)

Yn Lioar dy Hymnyn as Arraneyn Spyrrydoil 1846

J Rosser History of Wesleyan Methodism 1848 

E Cookson Legends of Manxland (2nd ed) 1859


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