Sir John Stanley II

Born c.1386, became Lord of Man in 1414 on death of father. Twice visited the Island to put down rebellions (1417 and 1422); was also responsible for putting the laws of the Island into writing. A brief description is given in Manx Note Book (vol iii p1-4).

A.W.Moore sums him up as :

"He may justly be considered an enlightened and upright ruler, much in advance of his time. He caused the ancient laws and constitutions of his little kingdom to be reduced to writing, he humbled the overbearing ecclesiastical authorities, and, after he had practically concentrated all power into his own hands, he wisely conceded a representative form of government.

Bought advowson of Rectory of Winwick from priory of Nostel in 1433 - from now on this church, adjacent to his property, was to have close links with the Stanley family.


Thomas - eldest son
Richard - 2nd son rector of Winwick d 1467
Edward - 3rd son also Rector of Winwick d.1485

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