Charles Hope, 1845-1860

Unlike his soldier predecessor Hope was a trained lawyer and came to the Island at a time when agitation for reform of the constitution was strong. Born Linlithgowshire 1808, third son of Earl of Hopetoun, MP for Linlithgowshire in 1838 and in 1841 married Lady Isabella Douglas (eldest daughter of Earl of Selkirk).

Lived at Lorne House Castletown where his three sons (John, Charles and Thomas) and two daughters (Jean and Isabella) were brought up.

Resigned in July 1860 for family reasons much to surprise of the Manx authorities who petitioned him to reconconsider, however to no avail as he and family left Douglas in August eventually making their home at Bridge Castle (property owned by his wife's family); in 1885 the estate of her father (but not the title) descended to his wife and they moved to St Mary's Isle near Kirkudbright.


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