William Hoggatt (1879-1961)

William Hoggatt

Born 1st September 1879 at Lancaster, won a scholarship to Royal College of Arts but declined it, continuing at Storey Institute Lancaster where H.I.Storey paid for him to study in Paris (1899-1901). On return became a full time painter, working for a brief period at the Tate Gallery, London where he met his future wife, the sister of a friend.

Because of parental opposition on both sides of family, he and Dazine Archer, eloped to Port St Mary where they were married 20th April 1907 (at Kk Rushen) - later they moved to Port Erin where they remained, he dying there on 4th June 1961.

Worked in oil, watercolour and pastel - well known for Island scenes. See also his comments in a lecture in 1951.

Glendown Well, Rushen
Glendown Well, Rushen


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