Edward Welch, 1806-1868

Born 1806,Overton, Flintshire; became pupil of John Oates at Halifax, in 1828 became partner of Joseph Aloysius (1803-82, inventor of the 'hansom cab'). The partnership worked first in York, and then in Liverpool. Designed several churches in Yorkshire, Liverpool and North Wales (including the castellated Bodelwyddan Hall c.1830). Major commission was 1830 Birmingham Town Hall (after winning competition) for which they unwisely stood surety for the builders. The failure of this builder drove them into bankruptcy and the dissolution of the partnership in 1834. Welch returned to Liverpool (Pigot's trade directory for 1837 gives his address as 26 Renshaw Street), where he practised as an architect 1837-1849 submitting an unsuccessful design for St John's in 1845; after this he appears to been concerned mainly with heating and ventilation aspects of houses. Died in London 3 August 1868.

Came to the Island in 1830 to design King Williams College; in partnership with Hansom was responsible for St. Barnabas Douglas (1832), New St. Mary's Ballaugh Church (1832), and St. Peter's Onchan (1833) though his brother John may have played a role in all of these.

Edward Welch left the Island before the completion of King William's College and John Welch claimed to have altered the design of the tower.


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