Philip Moore Callow Kermode, 1855-1932

P.M.C.Kermode aged 31 based on Marshal Cubbon's address
Philip Moore Callow Kermode was born at Auckland Terrace Ramsey, on 21st March 1855, the fifth son of Rev. William Kermode, then chaplain of St. Paul's, Ramsey, later Vicar of Maughold and then Rector of Ballaugh, and Jane Bishop of Shelton Hall, Staffordshire. The mother of Rev. William Kermode was the daughter and heiress of William Callow of Claughbane, who married Thomas Kermode of Bride and Marown. The family inherited Claughbane, near Ramsey, and the young Philip Kermode lived for a number of years in the old mansion house there. He attended King William's College for some years, afterwards being articled to Mr. (later Sir) Alured Dumbell, and was admitted to the Manx Bar in 1878 (aged 23). He never married, his unmarried sister, Josphine Kermode, better known as the poet Cushag, kept house for him. His legal labours continued throughout most of his life, until becoming curator of the Manx Museum he was Clerk to the Justices at Ramsey,

Certainly in later life he had a reputation for seriousness - Marshall Cubbon, in comparing him with William Cubbon who was almost the reverse in temperament, states that he was seldom seen smiling. No doubt his position in the Island legal profession accounted for his membership of the local masons - the thought of him incongrously decked out in his apron with one trouser leg rolled up to the knee will, I'm afraid, always bring a touch of humanity to the picture (at least to me). He did however, attempt one work of semi-fiction - the story of Juan Priest published in Mannin. A different light on him may be thrown by the story of a friend's death whilst the pair were birds-nesting.

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