The Parish of Lonan

[copied from Manx Church Magazine vol 2 no. 10 Oct 1892 - it would appear to be a very poor transcript ]

The register begins in 1708. The following are all under "burials":-

1720, " The Rev Mr John Taubman who was Vicar of this Parish 85 years, and aged 59 years."

1723, " Thos. Corrin in the mountains." (a vague address). " Margt. Maroon aged about 100 years."

1724 " Old Wid. Kearey of Douglas was buried in Kk. Braddan."
" Wilson and Quark were executed, July 17th."
" James Quill of the lane."

1725, "22 died in the smallpox."

1733, " Wm. Rowley in the Gill."
"James Quill in the lane."
" Wm. Quay aged 95."
" John Kewn Doctor" (i.e., charmer).

1744, " Phinlo Brew, a very old men."

1748, "Joe. Christian aged 92."

1750, " A child of B. -skerne's. " (B.-skerne or skirroo was the name of the farm.)


1784, "John Kermod. First christened in new church." Captain Henry Skillicorne, whose epitaph has appeared in the " Manx Church Magazine," was the largest subscriber to this church, now the old church. 1736. " John and Jane Cowin gemeni (i.e., twins) and children to Thos. Cowin, Gretch-voar;"

1788 "Isabel Filia Paul, comptroller." There was no comptroller of this name.

There are Some Curious epitaphs in the churchyard, for the most part of recent date: " Capt. John Hartley, ob. Decr. 30th, 1799."

The boisterous blasts o'er Neptune's waves
Have tost me to and fro
In spite of both by God's decree
I anchor here below
Although I here at anchor be
With many of my fleet
I hope some day to sail again
Our Saviour Christ to meet

Elinor Skillicorn, of Skinscoe, 1798.

" Grieve not for me, my children dear,
I am not dead, but sleeping here
Whilst our Saviour dear shalt say
Arise my Saints and come away.

John Vassall, son of Capt. John Vassall, of the 65th Regt. of Somerset, in Somersetshire.

" The hour of my departure's come,
I hear the voice that calls me home
Now, O my God, let trouble cease
And let Thy servant be in peace."

Thomas Kneale, Coan Rennee, 1847.

" Yn vea shah ehaglaa, (this life changes ;)
As Besynid eha chaglaa." (and Eternity changes not.)

James Mylroie, 1839.

" My glass is run, my grave you see;
In time prepare to follow me.
Go home, my friends, and shed no tears,
I must stop here till Christ appears."

On some young children.

" Their smiling face I'll see no more,
Until we'll meet on Cannan's Shore;
We there shall in Thy likeness shine,
And triumph in Thy love divine."

Thomas Cowin, of Ballacowin, 1848.

" All you that come my grave to see,
Fow aarloo gholl quail dy Jee.'
(Prepare to go to the court of God.)

Margaret Cowin, 1860.

" Go home my friends, and shed no tears,
I must lie here till Christ appears.
Great is the loss that we sustain,
But hope in Christ to meet again."

Thos. Crow, 1870.

"Short is the space to men allowed,
Before he must resign his breath,
Exchange his beauty for a shroud,
And shrink beneath the hand of death."

John Mylroie (a miner), 1876

" There was but a step between me and death,
Only a " step," no more
And death was standing o'er his shattered prey,
Only a step, a fall.
Wealth, strength, life, and all were dashed away,
Yet death thou could'st not stay.
The soul that fled away from toil and strife,
Bought by a Saviour's blood
The spirit is with God in endless life."

The commonest surnames in the parish are Cowin, Brew, and Kewley. Quilleash, Skillicorn, and Mylroie are not uncommon.



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