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Lower Foxdale Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Lower Foxdale

Originally known as Ballamore (or Ballamoar), in junction of Ballanass road and main Castletown-Ramsey road through Foxdale.

Original chapel 1798; in 1851 census stated to have 160 allocated seats + 50 others. Attendance was 130 + 98 S/S scholars.

Sunday School built on side c. 1894, chapel sold 1972 for £800 with last service 25 June 1972, chapel demolished and site built upon.- the notes re sale of chapel stated that only 2 or 3 services per year were held for some time before closure as other services held in Sunday School room but that money would be spent to modernise and beautify the Sunday School, much against advice of Methodist dept for chapel affairs who questioned the need as Foxdale Village chapel was less than 1m away + very small numbers/attendance - this modernised Schoolroom closed 1977.

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On 25 April 1798 Thomas Cowle (or Cowill) + wife Ann sold to
Thomas Fargher jnr, William Clucas, John Quirk, Patrick Sayle, John Quilliam, John Kelly, John Quirk a certain small parcel or plot of ground being part of qtr of Ballamoar near Foxdale, John Quirk was to be name on tenancy
By 1806
Patrick Sayle, John Quilliam and Thos Fargher were dead + John Kelly had left Society thus appointed Henry Clucas, Thomas Quirk William Clucas + William Curlode (25 Jan 1806)
By 1844 only John Quirk, Farmer (Kk German) left, thus appointed James Kelly, William Corris, Thomas Moore John Quilliam Henry Quilliam + Richard Clucas All of Kk Patrick (18 Jul 1844)
By 1858 Only Thomas Moore, John Quilliam Richard Clucas - Added John Kennaugh, Kerrowthdoo, William Moore Kerrowthdoo, William Corris Glenneedle + John Fayle Clucas of Peel (1 Ap 1858)
By 1889 Only William Moore + William Corris - Appoint John Callister Ballanass, Farmer, John Quirk Cannell B'carnane-Beg (Kk Michael) Farmer Joseph Quayle Greeba Farmer Robert Taggart B' Lennan ? Pk Farmer Moses Lace Foxdale Butcher 1889 ( 19 Feb 1889)

Lower Foxdale Primitive Methodist Chapel - 1865

Lower Foxdale Primitive Methodist Chapel

Closed now converted into private dwelling
Opened 1865 - sold by 1946

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The initial history of this chapel and the role played by W. Harris is told by Curry.

The following report appeared in PM Conference Minutes for 1865:

Foxdale is a long straggling village, pleasantly situated in the mountains on the road from Peel to Castletown. It is about 3 years ago since Primitive Methodism was introduced into this place, when a barn was kindly offered by Mr Taggart to accommodate the congregation. Not withstanding the difficulty of having to climb a steep hill to it, a good congregation often assembled there. A gracious revival of religion took place, and a number were converted to God. As the barn was inconvenient, the necessity and practicability of building a new chapel were discussed, and the friends decided on making an effort for that purpose. After various difficulties and delays an eligible site of land was secured and the foundation stone was laid on 25th Nov 1864 by Mr T Richards of Douglas. The chapel was opened for divine worship on June 4 1865 when three sermons were preached, one in the morning by the writer [W Wilkinson] and those in the afternoon and evening by Rev W Harris of Stockport. On the Monday following there was a tea meeting, and after tea a public meeting presided over by Mr J Senogles one of the trustees....
The chapel has 96 sittings in pews and 72 free. There is a convenient porch with inner folding doors covered in red baize, the gift of Mr Cottier, of Peel. The cost of the chapel is about £160. There has been collected the sum of £72 19s.


Foxdale Village Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Foxdale Village


closed now private dwelling

Trustees in 1864
John Johnson jnr grocer, Thomas Jenkinson mason, Edward Lace labourer, John Clark miner, John Senogles miner (all from Kk Patrick); Joseph Senogles farmer, Thomas Quirk farmer (both from Kk German) ; Charles Morrison grocer, Caesar Corris fisherman William Kelly fisherman, Thomas Shimmin fisherman + Caesar Cain joiner (all from Peel)
By 1890 Thomas Shimmin + Thomas Quirk Dead

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There is an undated document: "Names of Seatholders Foxdale New Chapel" in MM 10306 which contains assorted papers on all 3 chapels - the number of seats would correspond to Upper Foxdale, the names possibly c.1900 -

West Aisle
1 John Corkill
2 Messrs [? Misses] J Craine, W Quine & Thos Quayle
3 Messrs Pemberton & Kelly Miss Bell
4 J Gawne
5 Archibald Shimmin
6 Hy Collister
7 E Craine
8 G Walton
9 Messrs Leece & Kennagh
10 E Teare 2 W Quayle 1 P Caine 1
11 W Cowin
12 John Quayle
13 W Craine
14 Choir Organ blower's seat
Middle Row
15 J Crellin 1 W Christian 2 E Callister
16 Esther Kennaugh 2 Rest Free
17 free
18 W Kennaugh
19 James Leece
20 Selina Kennaugh
21 E Killey
22 C Kennaugh
23 Glenie ? Callister
24 J Kermeen 4 Mrs Woodhead ? 1
25 R Vick 4 Thos Kennaugh 1
26 W Christian 3 Ann Clucas 1 Miss Quirk 1
27 S Leece
28 John Callister
Back East Aisle
29 Misses [? Messrs] F Kinnagh S Quayle A Kinnagh J Pembaton
30 Mrs J Kelly R Christian J Quayle Thos Killey
31 Margarett Corlett 2 W Kennaugh 2
32 Thos Killy
33 J Kennaugh
34 J Keely
35 W Vick 3 E Callister 1
36 M??? McLin?in [?] R Clague
37 D ? Garett
38 Robert Kelly 2 Sarah Callister 2
39 P Crellin
40 Thos Killey
41 W Kermode
42 P Caine
opposite choir
43 J Corlett 2 J Kennaugh 2 Mrs Marshall 2
44 R Quine 3 W Corris 3
45 D Teare

Free Seats
No 17 The whole row
No 16 three sittings
No 3 1 seat
Two front seats. One in front of No 28 & one in front of No 42
(112 sides choir 18 about
70 middle
18 - to seat 220 people

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