Agneash Primitive Methodist Chapel, 1857


Cottage services took place for many years in the area until the chapel was built (1856/7). The plot of land was given by Mr and Mrs James Clague; additional land was later given by their son.
The Oliver family playing a leading role in the history of the chapel. John Oliver was a local preacher and Sunday School Superintendent until killed in the Snaefell Mines disaster of 1897. Other Olivers were Benjamin Oliver, a local preacher, and Elijah Oliver, lay pastor; together with John Nelson Clague then went to England as travelling preachers. John Oliver's widow, Mrs Elizabeth Oliver, provided refreshments for preachers for more than 50 years. (Agneash is still famous for its good food!).
According to the 1940 return the chapel could seat 116.

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19th C. Agneash  Methodist Chapel Mona's Herald 17th June, 1857
'The opening of a neat little chapel, lately built at Agneash in the parish of Lonan, and belonging to the Primitive Methodist Northern Circuit, took place on Sunday last. Morning service was conducted by Robt. Teare of Ramsey, the afternoon by William Corlett and the evening by Mr A. Sayer of Douglas. The united collections amounted to £6.'
There was also a good choir led by precentors, in addition to a male voice choir founded by a certain Corkish. Before the installation of an organ John Kelly (of Laxey Wheel) used a tuning fork; later Robert Skillicorn used a cornet.
The decline of the mining industry led to decline in membership - at one time only 3 were left, however due to efforts of a few people the chapel remained open and membership slowly increased.

Trustees: Taken from Minute book of the Ramsey Circuit (Primitive Methodists), 1863--87.
Registry of Trustees of the Chapels in the Ramsey Circuit. [MM MD 12534/1]

James Kelly, Agneash
Charles Clague, Laxey glen
William Hudgeon, Baldrine
Robert Kelly, Skinscoe
William Radcliffe, Ramsey -- Died Decr 8th 1888 in College H, Ramsey, -- Buried in Maughold Churchyard
William Kinnish, Emigrated to America
Robert Kneen, Emigrated to Australia

Trustees in 1898 were:

Thomas Scarfe, Laxey (Carter)
Robert W. Clague, Agneash (Mason)
John J Clague, Agneash (Farmer)
Robt Kelly, Agneash (Farmer)
Jacob Clague, Agneash (Farmer)

William Kermeen, Agneash (Miner)
Thos. Mylroie, Agneash (Miner)
Philip Mylcraine, Agneash (Miner)
James Craine, Laxey (Draper)
Robert Kelly, Baldhoon (Farmer)
Wm Skillicorn, Laxey (Labourer)

In December 1865 Ramsey PM circuit suggested that Agneash should transfer to Douglas, a request repeated in March 1880. Each time, and for several times later, Agneash refused - it was only in 1981 that Agneash joined the Douglas circuit.

Centenary GuideAgneash Primitive Methodist Chapel Centenary Celebrations 1957
J.Gair Methodism in the Sheading of Garff MMHS #12 pp2/3 Autumn 1990
Additional information kindly provided by Mr Jack Gair

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