Maps of the I.O.M - Johnson 1847.

Map - Johnson, 1847

Thomas Johnson, Manchester publisher (atlas 1847)
Steel engraving - similar arrangement to Pigot's 1836 map though on a smaller scale, names of many quarterland farms on the map.

Used in Guide Books and as decorative map set within very decorative scroll work borders + also with different designs in top lh - Samuel Johnson (father of Thomas) used it in his editions of J. Brotherson Laughton's Guide Book from 1847, he also published it as a single sheet with the map surrounded by the small steel illustrations of Island churches and Chapels used in the 4th and later editions of that guide book..


Armorial bearings - Earl Strange
Arms used in 6th Edition

The arms are those of Duke of Atholl and Earl Strange

"A New Historical Topographical and Parochial Guide to the Isle of Man " 3rd Edition by James Brotherston Laughton BA pub S. Johnson Douglas 1847 (subsequent eds 4th 1848, 5th 1849, 6th 1850, 7th 1853, 8th 1854 and 9th 1858)







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