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Isle of Man 'From a Trignometrical Survey by Mr. Benjamin Smythe' dedicated 'to the Rt Honble. George Canning M.P.- 935 x 620 mm

Handsome large scale map (approx 1:60,000) with very considerable detail - however seriously inaccurate away from roads and populated areas - the moorland between Fleshwick and Dalby head is considerably foreshortened leading to considerable inaccuracy in placement of farms etc; likewise the northern plain is also considerably in error especially on the western side. The indication of habitations along the road is probably reasonably accurate.

Table of parishes & distances
View of Bay and Pier of Douglas bottom right hand corner

Engraved J&A Walker Liverpool, , Tooley quotes addresses as 33 Pool Lane Liverpool and 47 Bernard St Russell Sq London - the latter is the same as J. & C. Walker (1830-7) Kingsley is not confident that the two firms are related; J. & A. Walker seem to have only published maps with a strong Liverpool connection.

See comment in introduction re Smythe - the full dedication runs

To the Right Hon. George Canning, M.P., His Majesty’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, this Map of the Isle of Man is, by Permission, respectfully dedicated by his faithful and obedient servant, John Drinkwater. From a Trigonometrical Survey by Mr. Benjamin Smythe. Published as the Act directs by John Drinkwater, Esq., Sept. 1st, 1826.

It would seem that Drinkwater funded the production of the map.


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