Isaac Purdy, 1846

Purdy 1846
Part of sheet which includes plans of several harbours

Title: Isle of Man The soundings by Capt W.F.Beechey R.N. F.R.S.…

Sheet contains several small insets of Peel Harbour, Port Erin, Port St Mary, Castletown Harbour, Douglas Harbour, Derby Haven and Ramsey Harbour + other non-Manx harbours
Little internal detail - hill masses indicated by hachures
Names: Breda, Nth and Sth Baroole, Break-o-day Head
Aa(os):to face page 292
Ea(os):”Appendix to Second Report on Tidal Harbours”
Ae(os):”Drawn by Isaac Purdy”
Ee:”Standidge & Co Litho London”

Extracted From: Second Report on Tidal Harbours
? London: House of Commons


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