[From Manx Soc vol 31]


The delay which has elapsed since the earlier portion of this work has been struck off enables me to add,, as an additional appendix to it, the following most valuable con. stitutional document, concerning the imperial and insular Legislation affecting the Manx Church, drawn by Sir James Gell, our Attorney-General, who has kindly furnished it to me with liberty to add it to this book.

I accompany it with a. copy of the text of the statute 33 Henry VIII., cap. 31, by which the Diocese of Sodor and Man was annexed to the Province of York. This act is not to be found amongst the statutes at large, and the only existing publication of it is, I believe, that contained in "The Works of Bishop Wilson," published in 1781, from which I copy it.


November 8, 1882.


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