[From Manx Soc, vol. 26]



Car. II, Vol. lxxiii. No. 84.

William Christian to Joseph Williamson, Esq.

Deare Sr - I am now gott heather but have not yett scene yor Brother George but Intend the next weeke to see him at his owne house what servis you have for mee in these parts shall very faythfully be performed by mee who you have by yor many cevelletyes and favours exceedingly obliged. I doubt not but by this you have gott my Lord of Derbys returne in answere to his Majestyes Lettar. I have greate hope his Lordship will aquit himselfe very well and leave those whoe are his Law guidars there to answere there owne actions which are beyond all that ever yett was putt in practise. I beseech you Sr that when it is moved that those his Judges and Jurors bee sent for up that yo' assistance will not bee wantinge in dispatching e the Messenger if you will honor mee with a Line at yor spare tyme and lett mee know yor thoughts you will Infenitely oblige him whoe you have by yor many favours made for ever, Sr, yo' most faythfull servant, WILLIAM CHRISTIAN. Carlisle this 19th of ffeb. 1662.

Directed. Theese For his truly Honors Friend Joseph Williamson, Esqre att Whitehall prsent

3' London. Endorsed. 19th Febr. 1662 R 26 t'' Wm Christian concerning yee Ea. Derbys proceedings in ye Isle of Man.

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