[From Manx Soc, vol. 26]


No. XI.

STATE PAPERS-DOMESTIC. Charles II., Vol. lxvii. No. 33.

Petition of William Christian to the King and Council.'

To the King's most Excellent Majestie and the Lords of his Majestie's most Honor"Privy Councell.

The humble Petition of WILLIAM CHRISTIAN Gentleman. Sheweth-That yo' Peticoner haveing some part of his estate in Lancashire and other part in the Isle of Mann, about Michaelmas last went into the said Island and was soone after there Imprisoned by order of the Earle of Darby, where he soe still continues, and hath been lately called to a Tryall there for his life for Treason upon pretence that in 1651 he assembled the Inhabitants of the said Island in opposition to the now Countesse Dowager of Darby (which if true) as the same is not, yet the same being in relation to the warrs yor Peticoner is advised by Councell that the same is pardoned by yr Mats gratious Act of Indempnity, wherein yor Peticoner is not a person excepted from pardon, 1 nor hath at any time since the 24" of June 1660 or before acted anything against yor matie or Government.

That yor Peticoner hath appealed to be tryed by yor Maties Lawes of England where he many years lived and hath an Estate, but it was refused. And for as much as the said proceedings are without President and contrary to the Lawes within the said Island

He most humbly prayeth the benefit of the Lawes of England, and in order thereunto That yor matie wil be gratiously pleased to command his being brought before yo' matie and honobl Councell, and that if any-thing can be obiected against him which is not pardoned that he may have a tryall according to the known Lawes of this kingdome,

And yo' Petr shall ever pray &c.

1 The Petition was received in Council January 9th, but Christian had been shot on the 2d January. There is no date to this Petition.

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