[From Manx Soc, vol. 26]



No. I.

MANDATE of CHARLES EARL of DERBY for the Trial of WM CHRISTIAN, Sept’ 12, 1662.

REBELLION being a most henious sinne against God calling for justice here on earth without which that place where it is committed may well be said to be polluted and by a fitting sacrifice ought to be purified by the blood of the most heinously guilty : But when a Rebellion receives this further aggravation as to be notoriously evident to be very instrumentall in the death of the Lord of that land : And wi.thall considering how much I am concerned soe farr forth as I may to revenge a father’s bloud : I take it to be a duty incumbent upon me from all these considerations strictly to charge and command you (wch I doe by these presents) that forthwith upon sight hereof you proceed against William Christian of Ronasway (sometimes recedent of my Island of Mann) for all his illegall actions and Rebellions at or before the yeare of our Lord one thousand sixe hundred fifty and one, or at any time since, and that he be proceeded against according to the Lawes of that my Island : And I recommend it to your care to see that this be speedely and effectually performed, And now withall calling to ininde that this may possibly allarum, disturbe and disquiet the minds of many in that my Island which by reason of the iniquity of these Late times may have been constrain’d to doe some things wch may have rendered them upon a strict desquisition liable to some inconveniencies in the severe eye of the Law ; I do therefore in this place thinke it most fitt (that mercy & judgement may goe together hand in hand) to comand you to publish & declare that from hence forward none in that my Island of Mann shal be molested either in life or estate for any thing they shall have done, or committed concerning that, or any other Rebellion or Insurrection in the said Island, except such as you shall finde to be very notoriously guilty with the Abovesaid William Christian of Ronasway in his Rebellion, & Insurrection in the year of our Lord God one thousand sixe hundred fifty and foure who are to be proceeded against according to the Lawes of that my Island before the first of May next wch shal be in the yeare of our Lord One thousand sixe hundred sixty & three, after wch day it shall not be lawfull to proceed against any person whatsover the said William Christian of Ranusway only excepted, given under my hand and scale at Lathom the twelth day of September in the year of our Lord God one thousand sixe hundred sixty and two. DERBY.

To all my Officers both Civill and Military in my Island of Mann.


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