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Notes and Queries : a Medium of Intercommunication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc.

" When found, make a note of."—Captain Cuttle.

London : George Bell, 186 Fleet Street. 1850. Small quarto.

The first No. commenced, Saturday, November 3d, 1849.

First Series.—1850-1855.

Vol. 3.—Arms of the Isle of Man, pp. 373-510.

4.—Isabel, Queen of the Isle of Man, p. 423.

5.—Dial Motto, Kirk Arhory, p. 66.

Isabel, Queen of the Isle of Man, p. 132.

Isabel, Queen of Man, and on the title of King, by John Gough Nichols, p. 205.

The Queen of the Isle of Man, p. 234.

Isle of Man Folk Lore, p. 341.

6.—Thomas Stanley, Bishop of Man, 1510, p. 130.

Edmund Chaloner, son of James Chaloner, Gover nor, p. 292.

Bishop Thomas Wilson’s " Sacra Privata," p. 414.

7.—Inscription on a Penny of George III., p. 65.

Manx Penny of George III., p. 165.

Thomas Stanley, Bishop of Man, p. 209.

Stabit quocunque jeceris, p. 239.

Edmund Chaloner, son of James Chaloner, p. 334.

Bishop Hesketh, p. 409.

James Chaloner, p. 583.

8.—Bishop Thomas Wilson and his Works, p. 220.

Cardinal Fleury and Bishop Wilson, p. 245.

St. Patrick, Maune and Man, p. 291.

Bishop Ferrar, p. 376.

Bishop Wilson’s " Sacra Privata," p. 470.

Manx Folk Lore ; Propitiating the Fairies, p. 617.

9.—Tailless Cats, pp. 10, 111, 209, 479, 480.

Rumpies, by Edward Forbes, p. 112.

Tailless Cats, Burmese breed, p. 575.

10.—The Stanleys in Man, p. 325.

Second Series.—1856-1861.

Vol. 1.—Origin of the name Mona, p. 454.

2.—Origin of the name of the Isle of Man, p. 20.

Tailless Cats at Clare Hall, Cambridge, 385.

3.—Sodor, Origin of the See, p. 129.

Petition in the Manx Litany, pp. 230, 439.

Prayers in the Isle of Man for the Earl of Derby, p. 268.

5.—Bishops Richmond and Crigan of Man, p. 172.

Bishops of Sodor and Man, Arms wanted of p. 314.

6.—Arms of the Isle of Man on an Etruscan Vase, pp. 409-490.

Bishops of Man. Have they a Seat in the House of Lords ? p. 498.

7.—Bishops of Sodor and Man have no Seats in the House of Lords, p. 16.

Arms of the Isle of Man on Etruscan Vases, p. 31.

Arms of Man, p. 246.

Arms of Sicily and the Isle of Man, p. 474.

11.—Eleanor Cobham confined in Peel Castle, p. 218.

Third Series.—1862-1867.

Vol. 1.—Buck Whalley ; his walk to Jerusalem, p. 452.

2.—Jerusalem ; or Buck Whalley, pp. 76-149.

,, ,, lived in the Isle of Man, p. 314.

3.—History of the Siege of Lathom House, Bishop Rutter the author of, p. 29.

5.—List of Bishops of the Isles, Sodorensis, etc., p. 412.

6.—Buck Whalley, p. 297. George Waldron, p. 348.

8.—Isle of Man called Eubonia, p. 454.

10.—MS. History of the Isle of Man, pp. 330, 440.

11.—House of Keys, p. 259.

Fourth Series.—1868-187l.

Vol. 2.—Manx Lines on the Manx Fairy Steam Packet, p. 368.

Litany during the Herring Fishery, p. 512.

3.—Ushag beg ruy, pp. 288-493.

Qualtagh Custom, p. 424.

Cade Lamb—Meg, p. 345.

Days of the Week in Manx, p. 552.

Mylecharaine, p. 493 ;

Griddle, p. 505.

4.—Thomas Bushel, pp. 159, 244, 368.

The Sudereys, pp. 12, 101, 200.

Hanging or Marrying, pp. 417, 418, 525.

Bishop Robert Farrar, p. 10.

Albert Tower, Ramsey, p. 71.

Earl of Warwick’s Place of Banishment, p. 213.

Erse Words denoting the Moon, pp. 229, 303, 458.

5.—Admiral Thurot, p. 47.

Peel Castle Seal, p. 144.

Erse Words denoting the Moon, p. 289.

King William’s Bank, p. 382.

First Manx Teetotaller, p. 401.

Manx Song, Mylecharaine, pp. 469, 583.

6.—Manx Song, Mylecharaine, pp. 61, 555.

MS. History of the Isle of Man, pp. 69, 143.

Was James 7th Earl of Derby created a Duke ? p. 112.

Mylecharaine, pp. 259, 355, 444.

Arms of the Isle of Man, p. 224.

St. Leonard, p. 371.

Bishop Robert Waldby, p. 459.

Earl of Derby and Calf of Man, 1646 ;

Historical Epigram, p. 542.

Ballasalley, p. 475.

7.—Huan Blackleach, alias Huan Hesketh, p. 34.

Societas Albertorum, Bishop William Russell, p. 56.

Tynwald Hill, p. 92.

Manx Cats and Fowls, p. 96.

Thomas Stanley, Bishop of Sodor and Man, p. 96.

Burial Places of Manx Bishops, p. 123.

Manx Bishops, pp. 184, 293, 352.

On the title of King or Queen of Man, pp. 249, 332.

Gates, Isle of Man, p. 409.

8.—Gates, Isle of Man, p. 33.

Troparium ; Triforia, p. 88.

Dogs buried at the foot of Bishops, pp. 222, 290, 378, 422, 537.

The Lady of Latham, p. 470.


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