[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


 No. 6.—December 9, AD. 1203.— p. 185.


He takes it under the special protection of the Church.

Regesta Innocentii III., tom ii., Ann. 6, Epist. 180, Archiv. Sec. Vat.

Innocentius episcopus s. s.1 dei, dilectis filiis Celestino abbati Sancti Columbæ de Hy Insula, ejusque fratribus tam præsentibus quam futuris religiosam vitam professis, in perpetuum, salutem et apostolicam benedictionem. Religiosam vitam eligentibus apostolicum convenit adesse præsidium, ne forte cujuslibet temeritatis incursus ant eos a proposito revocet, aut robur, quod absit, sacræ religionis enervet. Eapropter dilecti in domino fihii vestris justis postulationibus clementer annuimus, et præfatum monasterium Sancti Columbæ, in quo divino mancipati estis obsequio, sub beati Petri et nostra protectione suscipimus et presentis scripti privilegio communimus, in primis siquidem statuentes, ut ordo monasticus, qui in eodem loco secundum deum et beati Benedicti regulam institutus esse dinoscitur, perpetuis ibidem temporibus inviolabiliter conservetur.


Innocent Bishop, servant of the servants of God, to Our beloved sons, Celestine, Abbot of St. Columba, in the Isle of Iona, and his brethren, both those who have already dedicated themselves to the Religious life, and those who are about to follow in their footsteps, for ever, health and apostolical benediction.

It is meet that the Apostolical protection should be given to those who make choice of the Religious life, for fear, lest wicked assaults from without might withdraw them from their resolution, or, which God forbid, relax the sacred discipline of Religious rule.

Wherefore, beloved children in the Lord, in Our clemency We accede to your just requests, and We take under the protection of blessed Peter, and of Ourselves, with the guarantee of this present instrument, the aforesaid monastery of St. Columba, in which you devote yourselves to the divine service, decreeing, to wit, in the first place, that the monastic Institution, which, as is known, has been there founded in accordance with the will of God and the rule of blessed Benedict, be inviolably preserved there for ever.


1[ s. s. servus servorum .]


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