[From Mona Miscellany second series Manx Soc vol 21]


By Mrs. Griffith, 1839.

WONDER and anger oft I feel,
When would-be-wits depreciate Peel
To hear pert folly simpering say—
"If of the world you’re tired, pray
Don’t hang or drown—but only give
The world up, and to Peel go live!"
This heartless taunt, this senseless ire,
Levell’d at thee, made me inquire
Why, Peel, such mockery and scorn,
So long, unjustly, thou hast borne?
I find that ‘tis in wealth alone,
The neighbouring towns have thee outshone,
To nature’s gifts and beauties, see,
With lavish hands bestowed round thee.
Thy daughters modest, wise, and fair,
Ingenuous, artless, kind, sincere—
Patterns of rectitude through life,
As mother, daughter, friend, or wife.
Thy sorts, for talents, worth, and sense,
Must surely claim pre-eminence!
Who’ve without wealth or interest risen,
To the first rank to Manxmen given.
Thy schools have taught those first who stand,
In worth and wealth throughout the land,
Though now alas! they ruined lie,
Sad cause for philanthropic sigh!
Thy scenes around more beauties boast
Than any part on Mona’s coast;
Thy sloping hills, thy valleys green,
Thy shore and bay, where oft are seen
Thy busy fleet, with plenty crowned,
Whilst cheerful hum is heard around.
Thy fine old ruin bids us sigh,
Musing on greatness long gone by

For kingly pomp and mitred care
Lie buried and forgotten there!
Yet shall the kind benevolent mind
This generous exaltation find,
That halls where prince and prelate reigned,
Are not by prisons now profaned;
The felon’s chain, the debtor’s moan,
Are there alike unheard, unknown;
We view with pleasing admiration,
It’s greatness, even in desolation!
On summer’s eve how calm to stray
When the last sunbeams quivering play,
And tinge with gold the silvery spray,
Along the shore, or climb the height,
Where sun and landscape charm the sight.
Then ask, what world must I forego
To enjoy this fair expanse below?
Here peace and nature seem to tell
Of fairer worlds where spirits dwell.
Here, then, may I in life’s decline,
Ambition, folly, pride, resign;
Here strive to learn and tread the way
To heaven! and oh! may all who stray
From that blest path, repent, and give
Their world up-.—.Come to Peel—and live.


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