[From Mona Miscellany second series Manx Soc vol 21]


The Manx had names of their own for the various months, which were expressed as follows :—

JANUARY. Mee s’jerree yn-gheurey. The end of the winter month.

FEBRUARY. Yn-chied vee jeh’n arragh. The first of spring, or vernal quarter.

MARCH. Mee-veanagh yn arree; also called yn-mart. The middle of Spring month.

APRIL. Mee s'jerree yn arree; also, Yn Avril. The end of Spring month.

MAY. Yn Baaltin; or, Yn-chied vee jeh’n tourey. The Beltein ; or, The first month of Summer.

JUNE. Mee-veanagh yn touree. The middle month of Summer.

JULY. Mee s’jerree yn touree. The end of Summer month.

AUGUST. Yn-chied-vee jeh’n ouyr. The first month of harvest.

SEPTEMBER. Mee-veanagh yn-ouyr. The middle month of harvest.

OCTOBER. Mee s’jerree yn ouyr. The end of the harvest month.

NOVEMBER. Yn-chied vee jeh’n gheurey. The first of the. Winter month. Or, Yn Tauin, or Sauin, Hollantide month.

DECEMBER. Mee-meanagh yn-gheurey. The middle of the Winter month.


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