[From Mona Miscellany second series Manx Soc vol 21]



THIS song was printed in the first series of Mona Miscellany, but was unfortunately taken from so defective a Manx version, that it has been thought desirable to reprint it in the present series. The corrections have been made at the instigation of the Rev. John Thomas Clark, late chaplain of St. Mark’s. The translation was given in the first series of Mona Miscellany, p. 131.


LURG geurey dy niaghtey as arragh dy rio
Va ny shenn chirree marroo’s n’eayin beggey’vio;
Oh! irree shin ghuillyn, as gow shiu da’n chuieau,
Ta ny kirree fo-niaghtey cia dowin as v’ad rieau. Oh! irree, etc.


Shoh dooyst Qualtrogh Rabee as eh ny thie ching*
"Ta ny kirree fo-niaghtey ayns Breid-famrane-fing."
Oh! irree, etc.


Shoh dooyrt Qualtrogh Rabee goll seose er y lout,
Dy row my hiaght vannaght er my ghaa housane mohit.
Oh! irree, etc.


Kirree t’aym ayns ny Laggan kirree Goalr ‘sy chlieau-rey
Kirree cheoie coan-ny Chishteyt nagh jig dy bragh veih.
Oh! irree, etc.


Dirree mooinjer Skeeihll Lonan as hie ad fo shooyll,
Hooar ad ny kirree mamroo ayns laggan Vaarool.
Oh! irree, etc.


Dirree mooinjer Skeeihll Lonan as Skeeihll-y-Chreesht neesht,
boar ad ny kirree veggay ayns laggan Agneish.
Oh! irree, etc.


Ny muihlt ayns y toshiaght, ny reaghyn ‘sy vean,
As ny kirree trome-eayin cheet geiyrt orroo ‘shen.
Oh! irree, etc.


Ta mohlt aym son yn Ollic as jees son yn chaisht,
As ghaa ny three elley son yn traa yioym’s baase!
Oh! irree shin ghuillyn as gow shin dan chlieau,
Ta ny kirree fo-niaghtey cha dowin as va’d rieau.

* A hollow near Penny Pot.

+ A short distance from Baby, called from a stone in the form of a chest in that valley.


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