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THIS Psalm was also translated by the Rev. Thomas Corlett, taken from the same MS. as the foregoing. Some of the Psalms were translated by the Revs. Robert Radcliffe and Matthias Curghey in 1761, and were, by order of Bishop Hildesley, dated at Bishop’s Court, November 9, 1761, to be sung "in the several country churches of this isle." These were printed in the Book of Common Prayer in the Manx tongue, in 1777. The one here given has not been printed.


T’ou, hain, coyrt tastey geyre dagh traa,
Da course my yea sheir oie as laa,
My smooinaght’ dowin shione dhyts, O Yee,
Roisli t’ad er yentyn ayns my chree.


My raaidyn, Hiarn, shione dhyt dy-mie.
My skyrraght mennick voish dty leigh,
Eer goan my veeal, ‘smooinaght my chree
Shione dhyts my vel ad foast ayns bree.


Comba’asit lesh dty phooar veih gaue,
Er dagh cheu scrie-yrn niart dty laue
O snleiy erskyn y roslityn aym,
Erskyn my vaght, ta’n chreenaght veayn


Dy goIn y daanys keayrt erbee,
Dy yiooldey rish dty leigh, O Yee.
Veih’n eanish oyds c’raad oddyn chea,
Dy gheddyn boayl dy ghoaill ayn fea?


Dy roIn gys Niau, t’ou röym ayns shen,
Coamrit lesh soilshey sollys, glen
Ny foast gys 11jun11 vroghe ta heese,
Ayns shen t’ou reill as deyrey neesht.


Dy beagh aym skeean y voghrey hene,
As getlagh röym ass roslityn keayn,
Ayns shen v’ein cruinnit lesh dty laue,
As roish dty phooar v’ein sthill ercreau.


Ny foast dy yoddin chea as role
Veih dt’ enish, ham, fo scaa ny hoie;
lJn shulley voIds nee leah chyndaa
Yn dullyr dowin gys soilshey’n laa.


Ta’n dorraghys as soilshey’n laa
Ny-neesht co-laik dhyt ec dagh traa,
Yn ole ghoo hene ta sollys röyd,
As-nhee cha vod ye kellit voId.


Ronsee, as prow mee, O my Yee,
Vel peccah bmoghe reill ayns my chree;
Tra v’eem em shagh’myn ihiat mee the,
As leeid mee lesh dty spyrryd vie.


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