[From Manx Soc vol 21]


THE " Manx Fairy " steam packet made her first trip from the port of Liverpool to Ramsey on the 31st August 1853, and returned from Ramsey to Liverpool on the following morning. On this occasion the forowing lines were printed and sung about the streets of Ramsey.

OH, Mannin veg veen, ta my chree sthill lhiat hene,
As bwooishal dhyt mie son dy braa
As tra hed ym, my annym goit voym,
Bee'm bwooishal sthill mie da Rumsaa.

Ta'n " Ferish " er roshtyn dy bieau voish shenn hostyn,
Ny queelyn eek tappee chyndaa;
As laadit dy slich va shin fakin dy v'ee,
Ooilly bwooishal cree mie da Rumsaa.

Thus translated-

Oh, Mona, my darling, my heart is still thine,
My blessing upon thee, I pray;
And when I am dead, and my spirit is fled,
Success unto Ramsay, I say.

The " Fairy " has come, and swiftly has run,
Her paddles go quickly around;
Well loaded she were with passengers rare,
All wishing success to the town.


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