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THE following spirited lay, descriptive of the landing of King Orry, is written by Dr. M'Burney, F.S.A.S., Douglas ; and as it vividly describes what may have taken place on such an occasion, it is here introduced as an addendum to what has been previously stated respecting the first establishing of Tynwald Courts in the Isle of Man.

The Rev. Mr. Cumming, in his Isle of Man, thus alludes to the first Orry :-" According to Manx tradition, in the beginning of the tenth century, Gorree, Orrey, or Orry (probably Erik), a Dane, having conquered the Orcades and Hebrides, arrived on the shores of Man with a strong fleet, and landed at the Lhane river, in the north of the island. The Lhane and Kallhane were two rivers which drained the



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