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I HAVE been induced, at the request of the Manx Society, to extend my former observations on the coinage directly and indirectly connected with the Isle of Man, and published some time ago in 'the "Proceedings" of the Manchester. Numismatic Society, extending over several numbers of the first volumes. The large amount of additional matter since procured, and the necessity of correcting some errors then made for want of more reliable information, have rendered the present undertaking one of considerable pleasure to me; and I trust what I have now collected together and presented to the reader will be found deserving a place, however humble, in the archives of the Island, as a help for future generations to con over the history of their past.

Few authors have been so fortunate as myself in obtaining the assistance of gentlemen resident in the locality, who, with an enthusiasm and perseverance beyond all praise-and certainly not equalled elsewhere,-have so liberally contributed without the slightest reserve (and some of them very largely) towards the following pages; enabling me to present to the reader far more than I had at first intended. To put on record all that has been done for me by others, would only expose the limited store of information I commenced with; but I cannot withhold mentioning the valuable assistance and cordial cooperation of the following gentlemen:-J. Frissell Crellin, Esq., H.H.K., of Orrysdale by whom the articles on Paper Currency, Treasure Trove, &c., are supplied chiefly; Paul Bridson, Esq., Douglas; R. J. Moore, HK.,: High Bailiff of Peel; J. Gell, Esq., Attorney: General, Castletown; M.H. Quayle, Esq, Clerk of the Rolls, J. M. Jeffcott, High Bailiff of Castletown; J. C. Fargher, Esq., editor of Mona's Herald; as well as Thomas Corkhill Esq., of Ramsey; James Taubman, Esq., of Ballaugh; G. Harris, Esq., Registrar of Deeds; James Kewley, Esq., at the Rolls Office; Thomas Garrett, Esq., of Bootle, Liverpool ; -Mc.Whannell, Esq., Ramsey; J. Wallace, Esq,, Dissington, near Whitehaven; :Dr. Aquila Smith, Dublin; Dr. Freudenthal, London; and others, with whose names and addresses I am not acquainted. I may add, that all the illustrations of this work are from original coins in my own cabinet.



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