[From Manx Soc Vol 17]



Figs. 1, 2, 3, 4. -Sicilian Coins in Silver and Copper, on which the Triune is displayed in different forms.
Fig. 5.-Small English Token, with the Triune much flexed, issued at Norwich, by John Hutton, eleven years previous to its appearance on any coin of the Isle of Man.
Fig. 6. -A London Tavern Token, with the Derby Crest earlier than on any coin of the Island
Figs. 7, 8, 9, 10.-Patrick Pence and Halfpence,. or at least pieces (probably medalets) representing those values.
Fig. 11, 12. -A large silver Piece in the British Museum; probably the first design of the Derby coinage, afterwards issued in 1709. The date of this piece is 1705, and can only be looked upon m a medalet.
Figs. 13, 14, 15, 16.-Obv. and Rev. of Pence and Halfpence of the coinage of 1709.
Figs. 17, 18, 19. -The Silver Pattern Pieces of Pence and Halfpence of 1723.
Fig. 20.-One of the same, double-struck.
Fig. 21.-Unique specimen of a Penny of 1724.
Figs. 22, 2.3, 24, 25.-Specimens of 1732 coinage: (22) large die, eight leaves on the branch ; (23) Rev. of all these pieces; (24) Die with six leaves only on the branch; small die with eight leaves on the branch.
Figs. 26, 27.-Halfpence of the 1733 coinage; pattern pieces.


Figs. 1, 2.-Coinage of 1733; Pence, Obv. and Rev.
Fig. 3 - Probably a forgery of 1733 Penny ; very thin ; reads OUOCUNOUE, &C.
Figs. 4, 5, 6, 7.-The Athol Pence and Halfpence of 1758: Obv. and Rev.
Figs. 8, 9, 10, 11.-First Georgian issue of 1786: Pence and Halfpence, Obv. and Rev. 4
Figs. 12, 13, 14, 15. -Second Georgian issue of 1798 Pence and Halfpence,
Obv. and Rev.
Figs. 16, 17, 18, 19. -Third Georgian issue of 1813 Pence and Halfpence,'
Obv. and Rev.


Figs. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5~ 6. -The Victoria coinage of the Isle of Man, date 1839, Obv. and Rev. (The fnst coinage of the Island having the Farthing connected with it.)
Figs.. 7, 8.-Peel Castle Five Shilling Token, 1811, Obv. and Rev.
Figs. 9, 10.--Peel Castle Two and Sixpence Token, 1811, Obv. and Rev.
Figs. 11, 12.- Peel Castle Halfpennies, 1811, Obv. and Rev.
Fig. 13. Peel Castle Shilling, 1811, Rev. (The castle, &c., on Obv.)
Figs. 14, 15, 16. -Peel Castle Pennies. 1811 ; two different Revs., same Ob?,.
Figs. 17, 18.-Manx Token (the Atlas), Penny, 1811, Obz,. and Rev.
Figs. 19, 20.-Manx Token (the Atlas), Halfpenny, 1811, Obv. Rev.


Figs. 1, 2.-Isle of Man Bank Token, Penny, 1811, Obv. and Rev.
Figs. 3, 4. -Isle of Man Bank Token. Halfpenny, 1811, Obv. and Rev.
Figs. 5, 6. -Called " George the Fourth, " " Turk, " " God Save the King, or " Caine's " Token, 1830, Obv. and Rev. The Rev. " For Public Accommodation. " Two varieties -brass and copper: the first has the figure 3 round at the top; the second square.
Figs. 7, 8.-Halfpennies of the same, Obv. and Rev.
Figs. 9, 10.-Pro Bono Publico Halfpenny Token, 1831, Obv. and Rev.


Figs. 11, 12.-Athol Medal, Obv. and -Rev.


Fig. 13.--Peel Castle Penny Token; Rev. rubbed out, and letters substituted.
Fig. 14.-The same; Rev. rubbed out, and a church substituted.


Fig. 15. -Lead Seal, pierced ; Rev. Triune within garter, and motto ; Obv., a very ancient view of Peel Castle and Harbour, different from the tokens.


Fig. 16.-York Hotel, Douglas (Trustrums), Ticket for 2d.
Fig. 17.-Brown's Theatre Royal Hotel, Douglas, Ticket for ?d.
Fig. 18. -Derby Penny of 1733 ; Triuine rubbed out, and letters substituted.
Fig. 19. - " One Pie ' Piece : Ob v., East India Company's arms, &c., 1809
Rev. the Triune, &c., the same as on the George III. Halfpenny of 1813.
Fig. 20. -A circulated Button with the Triune; the shank rubbed off.





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