[from Manx Soc vol 16]


WELL, here we are I and not too soon,
Though still we're in the month of June;
The weather splendid-bathing brisk
Boating and sailing without risk.
And, just to state our usual fare,
We've fruit and vegetables rare;
We've mountain-mutton, well-fed lamb;
We've milk-white veal, and rosy ham;
We've beef, whatever cut you wish;
And, need I add, we've lots of fish
We've herrings kippered, herrings broiled;
We've herrings salted, herrings boiled;
We've herrings fried, and herrings potted
Herrings to every meal allotted;
We've herrings red, and herrings white,
Still herrings morning, noon, and night;
We've herrings large, and herrings small;
So come, dear friends, and taste them all
Nor stated all: pray, do not think
That we're worse off in point of drink,
We've purest water, splendid tea,
Cheap spirits, wines beer and coffee.
So come, partake, without alloy,
Of fare, of cheer, and share the joy.


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