[From Feltham's Tour, 1798]


THE Isle of Man is divided into seventeen parishes, viz.:_

1. Kirk Maughold..
2. Kirk Christ Lezayre.
3. Kirk Bride.
4. Kirk Andreas.
5. Jurby.
6. Ballaugh.
7. Kirk Michael.
8. Kirk German.
9. Kirk Patrick.

10. Kirk Marown
11. Kirk Braddan..
12. Kirk Onchan.
13. Kirk Lonan.
14. Kirk Christ Rushen.
15. Kirk Arbory.
16. Santon.
17.Kirk Malew.

It is generally allowed that local history has many beneficial tendencies. By bringing us acquainted with our country and its inhabitants, it enhances our love for them. Our attachments are proportionally increased with our knowledge; and "the view, or even the description, of the aged mansions or the venerable effigies of our illustrious ancestors, may kindle sparks in our breasts equally favourable to virtue and patriotism, with those said to brave been excited by the waxen memorials of the Roman nobility. -

" Sepulchral tombs and monuments seem to have a peculiar effect in this way, and the preservation and recording of them is in some measure worthy of public regard with us, as it was among the nations of antiquity.

" Such memorials often ascertain a family descent, when other remembrances have perished, and may be appealed to as decisive in point of genealogy." *See Introd to Collinson's Hist. of Somerset, 4to. 1791, 3 vols.

These considerations, it is trusted, will account for the attention paid to this department.

" May he survive his relatives and friends ! " was the imprecation of a Roman on the person who should destroy the monuments of his ancestors.

A tour on foot of a fortnight brought me acquainted with the parishes in the above order; I shall therefore begin with- [Kirk Maughold]



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