[From Manx Soc vol 5, 1860]


For the following interesting account of a large kist vaen, found near Tynwald I am indebted to Frank Matthews, Esq., of Glen Moar : - " About twelve years since the workmen engaged in widening the Follagh-y-Vannin road, leading past the Tynwald Mount to Glen Moar, cut through a portion of an old cronk which lay in the way of the proposed alterations. During their excavations they came upon a large kist, about four feet square, formed of slabs of stone several inches in thickness, the floor of which was paved with white shingle stones, and the whole closed in by, a large irregular cubical-shaped coverhid. Nothing was found within the chamber except a quantity of some material resembling cut tobacco. Above the coverlid and embedded in the superincumbent earth was an arch formed of the same white shingle stones used in paving the floor of the kist. The greater portion of this earth fell to pieces when the kist was opened, but sufficient remains to show the formation of the whole. The kist is still perfect, as none of its walls were disturbed, there being sufficient space between the angles to examine the interior." Mr. Matthews has carefully preserved the whole, so as to readily admit of its re-examination at any future period. A little further on, towards Peel, the same gentleman opened another kist much smaller in size. In it was found a battle-axe, stirrup. and a handful of beads of various colours, shapes, and sizes. These relics were placed by the late Professor E. Forbes in Jermyn street Geological Museum, London, where they now are. In the same locality several other kists have been opened, containing chiefly cinerary urns.


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