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To all the faithful in Christ to whom this present writing shall come, Roger, by divine permission abbot of the blessed Mary of Furness, in the County of Lancaster, and of the convent of the same, greeting, grace, and benediction in the Lord.

Know that we, the said Abbot and Convent, of our unanimous and complete assent and consent, for various special considerations within, moving each of us thereto, as also for the use and defence of the kingdom of England, and of the good and safe government of these remote parts of the kingdom aforesaid, have freely given, conceded, and surrendered up the same into the hands of our Lord Henry the Eighth, King of England and France, Defender of the Faith, Lord of Ireland, and in the land supreme head of the English Church, our monastery of Furness aforesaid, to the said Henry the Eighth King of England ; also the site and foundation of the same monastery, and all goods and chattels, jewels and church ornaments of the same monastery ; and all dues and actions, and other things whatsoever appertaining, belonging, or due to us, or any of us, or to the said monastery; and also all and every kind of demesnes, castles, manors, lands, tenements, advowsons of churches and chantries, knights' fees, rents, reversions, liberties, and services, also all kinds of inheritances whatsoever in Yorkshire and Lancashire, or elsewhere within the kingdom of England, or in the land of Ireland, or in the Isle of Man, to have and to hold, all and singular the said monastery, demesnes, castles, manors, lands, tenements, advowsons of churches and chantries, knights' fees, returns, reversions, liberties, and services, and all other our inheritances and premises whatsoever, to our said Lord the King, and his heirs Kings of England, forever, in augmentation and increase of the honor of his royal Majesty, and of his heirs of the kingdom of England, for the use and defence of this kingdom, against enemies and rebels of the same. Moreover, we will and desire, and unanimously give full assent, and grant by these presents, that this our present writing may be enrolled as well in the Court of Chancery of the Duchy of Lancaster of our lord the King, and in his own Court held before his justices in the County of Lancaster, as in the Court of Chancery of the said lord the King held at Westminister, in the County of Middlesex, before the said lord the king and before his justices there.

In witness whereof we have of our unanimous and full consent and assent to these presents affixed our Common Seal. Given in our Chapter House of the said Monastery, the eleventh day of April, in the twenty-eighth year of our said Lord the King, and in the year of the incarnation of our Lord and Saviour Jesus

. Christ one thousand five and thirty-seven.

By me, Roger, Abbot of Furness.

By me, Briand Garner, Prior.

By me, John Therton.

By me, John Groyn.

By me, John Harrynton.

By me, Thomas Homnby.

By me, Michael Hamerten.

By me, Richard Skales.

By me, Christopher Carre.

By me, William Wewarke.

By me, Anthony Plumer.

By me, James Forester.

By me, Xopof. Meshed.

By me, William Barwyck.

By me, William Ryge.

By me, Christopher Mallay.

By me, Matthew Kyrbe.

By me, Thomas Littyll.

By me, John Crewghton.
By me, Roger Prysten.

By me, Thomas Snell.

By me, Hugh Brownie.

By me, James Lanclyff.

By me, Egidium Bolland.

By me, Stephen Skypto.

By me, William Frost.

By me, Richard Maydaff.

By me, Robt. Kytchyme.

By me, Stephen Stunforth.

By me, Edward Blonde.

Sealed and delivered in presence of us, the day and year above specified,

Robert Sussex.

Thomas Botoler.

John Byron.

Thomas Langton.

Anthony Fitzherbort.

Rye. Hoghton.

John Clayden, priest. and Marmaduc Tunstal


Corr. MSS.

Sciatis nos præfatos abbatem et conventum, nostro unanimi ac integro assensu et consensu, pro diversis considerationibus, nos omnes singillatim interius specialiter moventibus necnon pro utilitate ac dofensione hujus regni Angliæ, ac pro bono et tulo regimine istius estremæ, part. prefat. regni, gratis dedisse concessisse ac ad et in manns domini nostri Henrici nuuc regis Angliæ et Franciæ oclavi, fidei defensoris ac domini Hibernice, et in terra supremi capitis ecclesiæ Anglicanæ, sursum redidisse eiclem domino nostro Henrico regi Angliæ octavo monastgium nostrum de Furnosio prediet. neonen situm et funclum ejusdem monasterii ac omnia bona catalla jocalia et ornamenta ecclesiastica, ejusdem monasterii; ac debita, et actionos, et alias res quascunque, nobis vel alicui nostrum, vel eiclem monasterio pertinencia speetancia, sive debita ; ac etiam omnia et omnimoda dominia, castra, maneria, terras, tenta, advoctciones ecc'.esiarum et canteriarum feoda militum, redditus, reverciones, libertates, et servicia : necnon omnimoda hereditamenta quæcurque, in comitatu Eboraci et Lancaster, ac al'bi infra regnum Angliæ et terram Hiberuiæ, et in insula de Mania ; habend. et tenend. omnia et omnimoda ac singuls eadein, monasterium, dominia, castra, maneria, teri'as, tenta, advocationes ecelesiarum et canteriarum, ne feoda militum, redditus, reverciones libertates et servicias, ac cetera nostra hereditamenta et præmissa quæennque eidem domino nostro regi, et heredibus suis regibus Angliæ imperpetuum, in augmentationem et inerementum honoris regiæ majestatis suæ, et heredum suorum regum Angliæ, ad utilitatem et dofensionem hujus regni versus inimicos et robellos ejusdem. Quod quidem presens scriptum nostrum, tam in curia cancellanira ejusdem domini regis ducatus sui do Lancaster, cii in curia ejusdem demini regis apud Lancaster, coram justiciariis suis in eodem comitatu Lancastr. Quam in curia cancellarira predicti domini regis spud Westmonasterium in comitatu Middlesex, coram eodem domino rege ibidem et in aliis curiis profat. domini regis apud West. predict. comm eodom rege, vel coram justicianiis suis ibidem, curiis suis, irrotulani volumus et desideramus, et abinde unanimitor assenaum integrum prebemus, ot concedimus per presentos.

In cujus rei tostimonium sigillum nostrum comune ox unanimi et integro assensu et consensu nestnis presentibus opposuimus. Datum in demo nostra capitulani ejusdem monasterii, XI. die Aprilis, anne regni ejusdom domini regis nostri vicessimo octavo, et in anne incarnationis Domini ac Salvatoris nostni Jesu Christi millessimo quingentessimo et tricessime septime.

Per me, Regerum, Abbatem Furnesii
Per me,Christoferum Carre.
Per me, priorem, Briand Garner.
Per me, Willem. Wewarke.

Per me, Johanem Therton.
Per me, Antonium Plumer
Per me, Johanem Groyn.
Per me, Jacobum Forester.

Per me, Johanem Harrynton. .
Per me, Xepof. Meshed.

Per me, Thoma. Hornby.
Per me, Wyhelmum Barwyck

Per me, Michael Hamerton.
Per me, Wylim. Ryge.

Per me, Richardum Skales.
Per me, Christofrum Mallay.

Per me, Mathew Kyrbe.

Per me, Thomas Littyll.

Per me, Jobanem Crewghten.

Per me, Regerum Pryston.

Per me, Thos. Snell.

Per me, Hugonum Browne.

Per me, Jacob. Lanelyff.

Per me, Egidium Bolland.

Per me, Stephan Skypto.

Per me, Willan. Frost.

Per me, Richardum Maydaff.

Per me, Robt. Kytchyme.

Per me, Stephum Stunferth.

Per me. Eclwarcliim R1t-rn,1~

In precentia nostr. sigillatum et deliberatum est die ot anne supradicto.

Robert Sussex.

Thomas Boteler.

John Byron.

Thomas Langton.

Anthony Fitzherbert.


Rye. Hoghton.

John Clayden, prst.

: et Marmaduc Tunstal.


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