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Mandate For The Installment Of Bishop Wilson. A.D. 1697.

Mandate For The Installment Of Bishop Wilson. A.D. 1697.

JOHN,* by divine providence Archbishop of York, Primate of England and Metropolitan, for the within named purpose, by the authority of the Parliament of this renowned kingdom of England, sufficiently and lawfully supported, (the Letters Patent of our Serene prince and Lord, William the Third, by the Grace of God King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, etc.) To our beloved in Christ, the Venerable Archippus Kippax, clerk, Master of Arts, Archdeacon of the Archdeanery, and Vicar of the Vicarage of . St. Andreas in the Isle of Man, in the Diocese of Sodor and of our Province of York, or to his official or deputy, and to all and singular the clergy appointed throughout the said Diocese, or to any other having authority in these parts, greeting and grace. Since the Bishopric of the Isle of Man, and the Bishopric of Sodor and Man, in our province of York has lately become vacant by the natural death of the Reverend Baptist Levinz, Professor of Sacred Theology, last Bishop of the Bishopric aforesaid, and the very noble William George Richard, Earl of Derby, etc., patron of the said Bishopric, has appointed the Reverend Thomas Wilson, clerk, Doctor of Laws, to the Bishopric aforesaid, which nomination has been accepted by the aforesaid our Serene Prince and Lord, William the Third, by his Letters Patent aforesaid, the royal assent being obtained, (the laws and statutes of this kingdom of England being in that particular observed) . We the Archbishop aforesaid have confirmed, and have committed to the said appointed person, the care, rule and administration of the spiritual matters of the said bishopric, and have likewise bestowed the gift of consecration upon the said appointed, accepted and confirmed person, (the rites and ceremonies of the church of England having been observed) ~ and since we have decreed the induction, installation, and enthronization of the said Bishop, so nominated, accepted, confirmed and consecrated, or of his lawful proctor, in his name and for him, into the real, actual and corporeal possession of the said bishopric, and of the rights, dignities, honors, emoluments, and of all their appurtenances (justice allowing it) . We command you conjointly and separately, and each of you to whom the performance of this liusinesš belongs, strictly enjoining you, to induct, install and enthrone, or cause to be efficiently inducted, installed and enthroned the said Thomas Wilson, so nominated, accepted, confirmed and consecrated (as aforesaid) , or his lawful proctor, in his name and for him, into the real, actual, and bodily possession of the said bishopric of the Isle of Man, and of the bishopric of Sodor, and of the bishopric of Sodor and Man, and of the rights, dignities, honors, emoluments, and their appurtenances, and to assign the usual and accustomed chair or episcopal seat in the cathedral church to the bishop there, as is the custom, and to place him or cause him to be placed thereon in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, as becomes our Archiepiscopal rites and customs, and save and except in all things the dignity and honor of our Cathedral and Metropolitan church of the Blessed Peter at York. In Testimony whereof we have caused our Archiepiscopal Seal to be affixed to these presents.

Dated at Westminster, twentieth day of January, A.D. 1697, and seventh year of our consecration.

. Jo. Ebor [Jo. York].

By virtue of this mandate sent to me by the reverend Lord, Lord John, by divine providence archbishop of York, I have invested, installed and enthroned the reverend Father in Christ and Lord, the Lord Thomas Wilson, bishop of Sodor and Man, to the real, actual, and bodily possession of the said bishopric, the 11th day of April, A.D. 1698.

Saml. Wattleworth, officiating Archdeacon.

We being witnesses:

N. Sankey,
P. Heywood,
L. Christian,
Rich. Hartley,
Hen. Norris,
Jo. Cosnahan,
J. Rowe,
John Parr.
Dan. McYlrea,
Tho. Huddleston.
J. Woods,

It has been entered in the Archives, the 13th day of August, 1698, by me,

J. Woods, Registrar.


I, by the authority deputed to me, do induct, instal, and enthrone thee, the Reverend Father in God, Thomas Wilson, into the real, actual, and bodily possession of the Bishopric of the Isle of Man, and of the Bishopric of Sodor and Man, and of the rights, dignities, privileges, and all their appurtenances, with the plenitude of Episcopal power. And I assign unto thee this chairr or Episcopal seat, usually and customarily assigned and set apart for the Bishop of Sodor and Man for the time being, and place thee upon the same in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God preserve thy coming in, now and for ever. And as thou pursuest justice and holiness so thou shalt adorn the place assigned to thee by God, and that to the glory of his name, the salvation of souls and the advantage and honor of this church. And for duty so discharged, in remuneration of thy fatherly governance, the great and good God shall give thee the crown of everlasting life, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Saml. Wattleworth, Archdeacon.


JOHANNES, providentia divina, Ebor. Archiepiscopus, Angliæ Primas et Metropolitanus, ad infra scripta, autoritate Parliamenti, hujus inclyti Regni Angliæ (median-tibus literis patentibus Serenissimi Principis ac Dornini nostri, Gulielmi Tertii, Dci Gratia Angliæ, Scotiæ, Franciæ, et Hiberniæ, Regis, Fidei Defensoris, etc.) sufficienter et legitime fulcitus, dilecto nobis in Christo, venerabili viro Archippo Kippax; Clerico, in art. mag. Archidiacono Archidiaconatus, et Vicario Vicariæ St. Andreæ in Insula de Man, Dicecesin Sodorensis et Provinciæ nostræ Eboracensis, seu ejus officiali vel deputato, omnibusque et singulis clericis per dictarn Diœcesin constitutis, vel alii cuicunque in hac parte potestatem habenti, salutem et gratiam. Cum vacante nuper Episcopatu Insulæ de ~ Man, et Episcopatu Sodorensi et Episcopatu Sodorensi et Man, Provinciæ nostræ Ebor per mortem naturalem Reverendi yin Baptistæ Levinz, sacræ Theol. Professonis, nit. Episcopi Episcopatus predictam pnænobilis Gulielmus Georgius Richardus comes Denbiæ etc. dicti Episcopatus Patronus Revenendum virum Thomam Wilson, clenicum, LL. Doctorem, ad Episcopat~m pnædictum nominavenit, et dicta nominatio a pnæfato Serenissimo Pnincipe, ac Domino nostro, Gulielmo Tertio, per literas suas patentes supradictas, regis adhibito assensu, fuenit acceptata; quam quidem nominationem et personam sic nominat et acceptat ( senvatis june et statutis hujus regni Angliæ, in ea pante servandis) . ~Nos Anchiepiscopus antedictus confi~mayimus, eiqueconfirmato, curam, regimen, et admiriistrationem, spinitualium dicti episcopatus commissimus ; neenon consequenter munus consecrationis (adhibitis ritibus et ceremoniis, de more Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ adhibendis) eidem nominato, acceptato, et confirmato, impendimus. Cumque ipsum Episcopum nominatum, acceptatum, confirmatum, et consecratum, seu procuratorem suum’ legitimum, ejus nomine ac pro es, in realem, actualem, et corporalem possessionem ejusdem episcopatus, juniumque, digni.. tatum, honorum, præeminentiarum, et pertinentium suorum universorum inducendum, installendum et inthronizandum fore deci~evenimus (justitia mediante) . Vobis igitur conjunctirn et divisim et cuilibet vestrum ad quem executio hujus negotii pertineat, firmiter præcipiendo, ‘ Mandamus quatenus præfatum Thomam Wilson, sic (ut præfertur) episcopum0 nominatum,

acceptatum, confirmatum, et consecratum, seu procuratorem suum legitimum, ejus nomine ac pro eo, in realem, actualem, et corporalem possessionem dicti episcopatus Insulæ de Man, et episcopatus Sodorensis, et episcopatus Sodorensis et Man, juriumq ; dignitatum, honorum, præerninentiarum, et pertinentium suorum universorum, inducatis, installetis, et inthronizetis, sea sic induci, iiistallari, et inthronizani faciatis cum effectu ; Cathedramque, sive sedern episcopalem in Ecclesia Cathedrali, ibidem, episcopo assignari solitam et consuetam, ci, uti moris est, assignetis, et eum in nomine Domini nostni Jusu Chnisti imponatis, sen imponi faciatis, prout decet junibus et consuetudinibus nostnis Archiepiscopalibus, et Ecclesiæ nostræ Cathedralis, et Metropoliticæ Beati Petni, Ebor. dignitate et hoúore in omnibus semper salvis. In cujus rei Testimonium, Sigillum nostrum Archiepiscopale presentibus apponi fecimus.

Datum apud Westminst, vicesimo die mensis Januarii, Anno Domini MDCXCVII. nostræque consecrationis anno VII.

Jo. Ebor.

Virtute hujus Mandati a Reverm° Dom. Domino Johanne, . provide]ltia divina Ebor. Archiepiscopo ad me missi Revd~~m admodum in Christo Patrem, ac Dom. D. Thomam Wilson, S Episcopum Sodorensem et de Man, in realem, actualem, et corporalem possessionem diet. Episcopatus investivi, installavi et inthronizari undecimo die mensis Aprilis, Anno Domini


Sami. Wattleworth, offic. Archid.

Testibus nobis:

N. Sankey, Hen. Norris, Dan. McYlrea,

P. Heywood, Jo, Cosnahan, Tho. Huddleston,

L. Christian, J. Rowe, J. Woods,

Rich~ Hartley, John Parr.

In Archiva refertur 13° die mensis Augusti, 1698, per me,

- J. Woods, Regest.


Ego, autoritate mihi commissa, te Reverendum in Christ, Patrem Dominum Thomam Wilson, in realem, actualem, et corporalem possessionem Episcopatus Insula de Man, et Episcopatus Sodorensis et Man, juriurnque, dignitatum, priviligiorum

et pertinentium suorum universorum induco, installo, ct inthronizo, cum plenitudine juris Episcopalis. Cathedramque hanc, sive sedem Episcopalem, Episcopo Sodorensis et M~* pro tempore existente assignari et limitari solitam et consuetam, tibi assigno, et te in eandem, in nomine Domini nostri Jesu Christi, impono.

Deus custodiat introitum tuum et exitum tuum nunc et in ~ seoula. Et ut in justitia et sanctitate pergas, locum ornes a Deo tibi &~legatum, idque in nominis sui gloriam animarum salutem Ecclesiæ hujus commodum et honorem ; Nec non munere tandem functo, in paternitatis vestræ remunerationem vitam et coronam sempiternam det Dens optimus maximus, per Jesum Christum, Dominum et Salvatorem nostrum. Amen.

S Sami. Wattleworth, Archid.

* Dr. John Sharp.


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