From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

Letter to Lieut.-Col. Worsley and Others, By the Commissioners for the Advance of Money.

A.D. 1652.



SIR,—Wee were lately informed that John Sharpeles and Wm. Christian, gent., were residing in the Isle of Man, att the time of reducing thereof to the obedience of the Parliament and did then committ Acts of Delinquency against this Common wealth, and wee being advertized by the Commrs for Seqcons in the County of Lanc. that you are a material witnesse in this case on the behalfe of the Common wealth doe desire you to appeare before us on Tuesdaye next to testifie yor knowledge in the premisses, and subscribe

Yo. very affectionate freinds,
S. M., B. W., A. I., R. M.

For Lieut:-Col. Worsley,
The like lre for Major Wigan,
The like ltre for Capt. Rigby.
July 16, 1652.


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