From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

A.D. 1608.


3 JAS. I:

RYGHT Ho :-.I received your Lo. letter, by your servant Mr. Hooper and your Comyssyon for the Revenue of the Ile wych chargeth me wych to yeeres profytts that the La. Ales Countess of Derby hath receaved and not in my accounte to be charged wythall besydes some other Imperfectyons in the same Comyssyon altered synce I last wayted on your Lo. wych I can attrybute to none, but Mr. Ireland who had the clearing therof, But your Lo. letter, or word to me, shall ever be of greater force than the value wych this consystes. I provyded a Barke before I saw your servant, and he is now att Lyverpoole ready for arryval. I have taken that course, that I assuer your Lo. all thynges shalbe returned to your Lo. lykeing, whatsoever is amed att to the contrary, and the Revenue wych is all ready to be brought over so soone as God sends weather & wynd, I wyll wayte on my La. Derby the nexte weeke and then I wylbe bold to troubell your Lo. wyth another letter Humbly remeynyng.

Your Lo. most faythfull td do you servyse, Gerard. Gerards Bromley,

last of May, 1608.


To the Right Ho. & my assured good Lo. the Erle of Salisbury Lo. Hygh Treasurer of England.

*Vol. 32, Art. 82.


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