From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

A.D. 1607.


5 JAS. I

KING Henry 4 in the 7th yeare of his raigne did
grant the Isle of Man to Sr John Stanley, Knt,
& to his pres, who have peaceably enjoyed the same, by force of
that graunte, untill the deathe of Ferdinando, Late E. of Derby,
viz. : by the space of aboute 200 yeares during the raignes of 11
kings and Queenes of Englande, & 8 diseents in the line &
blood of the same Sr John Stanley.

Upon the deathe of Ferdinando Late E. of Derby, question
arose betweene his brother William, nowe E. of Derby, clayming
as heiro maele, & the three doughters & coheires of the saide
Ferdinando being then within age, & claiming as heires

Whereupon it pleased the Late Queene, to referre the
consideration & decyding of that question unto divers of her
Privy Counsell, & some of her Principall Judges, And they after
many & solemne hearings of the cause debated by learned
counsell, did resolve, & delivered there opinions for the coheires
against the nowe Earle.

But her Matjes Atturney generall, attending the hearing of
the cause by her comandemt did quarrell with the Originall
grt made by K. H. 4 to Sr John Stanley (wch had beene so long
enjoyed as is aforesaide) preending the same to be defective &
insufficient, upon some stricte & nyce pointes in Lawe, wch yr
supplt' undrstande not, by color whereof the possession hathe
beene evr since detayned from yr supplicants.

In consideracbn, &c.

Copye of a Petition concerninge the Ile of Man.

*Vol. 27, Art. 37.


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