From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX


A.D. 1595.


37 ELIZ.

IT may please yo woras to the state of Irelande, I
heare nowe verie little other then yo may perceive,
Angus Mconell was at Lithgew wth the king, and gott good
countenance, and sought to have had the k grant of certain lands
in Jla wch appertaine to Mclayne who is the kindley tenat
thereof. And he Angus delt eerie earnestly with the king, that
he might be suffered to invade the isle of Man to force it to the
kings obedience; But the k sayde he should not medle therewth
sayeing he wold have his service when tyme served; but Angus
wold have had the k now doing it seinge that tyme may yet be
longe to, whereupon the k comanded him to be a good instru-
ment to preserve the quietness wth her Maty subjects and
boundes. And under these termes he is parted and gone; So as
you may see what trust is to be given to such an Ethnick. This
in effect I hard at dyvers hands wch made me to ëquire the
truthe thereof of good Mr. Aston who not only told me there
was suche a matter, but also greved thereat, and did and will do
his honest parte to forsee thinges,

from Edenb. the 15 of Novemt, 1595.
Yor wor humble servant,

Geo. Nicolson.

*Vol. 57, Art. 60.



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