From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

JULY 25, A.D. 1595.


37 ELIZ.

RYT trustye freind my maister cãe to this cntrye
upon Weddensday the xxiij of this instant yr we
haif found upon or bordos the armye of the Iyselmen threattuing
to invaide us for now they haif gotte intelligence of the freind
ship betwex my lord and her M. but my maist's cüntrye people
war sua preepared and in armes that as yit they haif not bein
bauld to maik ony invasion they ar on this syd of the Mulle of
bryntyre at ane lyland called Albing. Thare is this day
advrtisement en to my lord that they dar no invaid his l. cüntrye
bot first will go to the hand of Man and spoile it or then pass
to Irland to crave ayde of the erle oneill to my maisus invasion
becaus my mais't is freind to hir M. bot indeid I feir that rather
they shall invade the Ile of Man therfore advrtise my Lord Semp
and sic uthers as as ar neir the west bordures to cause ships be
direct for support of that lyland or I feir it sall cu to late their
armye is of four thousand me of warre and mair. Haist adver-
tisement in tyme to England for I assure you their is neid, &c.,

*Vol. 56, Art. 60.



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