From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

A:D. 1530.



Frome Furnes the xvj", day of Julii.

PLEASIT youre noble gace to be advrtysyd I reseavyd youre most honorable letters the xiiii` day of Juld datyd the secund day of the same monithe, and pceavyd the Contentes of the same, wherein youre gace doithe not oonly remembre my neclygence in delayng of an answere to youre gacious fyrst Letters, but also doith require me to nake a gaunt in wrytyng of the office of stewardshyp of oure monastrie sealyd wt oure convent Seall, And it in dewe forme So made send unto your grace by ye berer of youre seyd gacios lres, pleasit your gace for the complissement of youre fyrst letters lyke as I made promyse to the berer thereof I was cõmyng towarde youre gace by the space of xl. myles and more where as I had knowlege how the terme was adjorned and the greate plage Renyng wherfore I Retornyd to my monastrii, And now uppon knawlege of youre hygh pleasure contenyd in youre secunde letters both I and all my bredren haue gauntyd or gudewyll of the seyd stewardshyp unto the ryght honorable Erle of Darby, But forsomuche there is a graunt made sealyd wyht oure convent seale and delyvred unto the late Erle of darby + by John Dalton prtensid abbot in the tyme of his intrusion and the cõtentes in it I know not, which grant both I and alle my bredren most humble beseeche youre noble gate yl we myght have, and then wtowt delay or tract of tyme we shalle delyvr accordyng to your hygh request to the sade erle a sufficient and substancialle graunt, and for ye fynall conclusion of all the prmisses I shall humble attend uppon your gace wtin ye space of xxt days next to cõme by ye prmission of almyghty good to whome both I and all my powre bredren doith duly pay for the prsrvacione of youre hygh honyr.

To my Lord legate gracee [Wolsey].

Youre most humble beadmã,

th abbot of ffurness.

* Wolsey's Correspondence, vol, v., art. 85.

+ Thomas, second Earl of Derby died 1521. Wolsey was created Legate by Pope Adrian VI., 1522, consequently the date of this letter must have been subsequent to that event, and prior to Nov. 29th, 1530, when Wolsey died. Edward, third Earl of Derby, for whom the Cardinal desired the stewardship of Furness was a minor till 1531, and was one of that magnificent prelate's retinue, having five domestic attendants allowed him..



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