[From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX]


Issue Roll.-A.D. 1399.


TO William le Scroop, Earl of Wiltshire, Treasurer of England. In money paid to his own hands, in discharge of £1074 14s. 5d. due upon account made with him at the Exchequer of Account, for charges and expenses by him incurred, as well for the safe conduct of Thomas, late Earl of Warwick, to the Isle of Man, and for the support of the same late Earl there, after judgment given against the said late Earl in the King's Parliament held at Westminster in the 21st year, also for the costs and expenses incurred by the said Earl of Wiltshire for the support of divers Irish hostages in his custody after the King's coming from Ireland, unto the first day of April, in the 22nd year. By writ of privy seal, &c., £1074 14s. 5d.*

* Issued 3rd May.


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