[From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX]


A.D. 1310.

THE King to his beloved and faithful Henry de Bello Monte or his lieutenant in the land of Man, greeting. Since on the 16th day of March in the third year of our reign, we, of our mere will, have, by our letters patent, granted to the prelates, earls and barons of our kingdom to choose certain persons from among themselves to regulate the state of our household and of the kingdom aforesaid, and have granted to those so chosen full power to regulate the state of the household and kingdom aforesaid, as in the letters, etc., and the venerable father R., arch-bishop of Canterbury, and other prelates, earls, and barons, chosen for this purpose, by virtue of our letters aforesaid, amongst other ordinances which they have made and published upon the premises, and which we have already accepted and con-firmed, have ordained that all grants which, since the said 16th day of March, we have made of castles, towns, lands, and tenements, balliages, wards, marriages, escheats, and remissions whatsoever, as well in Gascony, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, as in England be revoked; upon that we have thought fit to resume into our hands the said, our land of Man, which, since the afore-said 16th day of March, we have given and granted to you, to be guarded by our beloved and faithful Gilbert Makaskel, so long as it shall please us, and have commanded it to be delivered to him, and to our beloved and faithful Robert de Leiburn, constable of our Castle of Cokermouth. We command you to cause the land aforesaid, etc., to be delivered without delay to the said Robert, to be further delivered to the aforesaid Gilbert.


3 ED. II.

[note the given latin script kept the abbreviated hand and used characters not representable within the HTML latin alphabet - as the resulting scan is not usable I have decided to omit it ]


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