From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX



To all the faithful in Christ who may hereafter see or hear this present writing, Harald, by the grace of God, King of Mann and the Islands, greeting in the Lord. Since, as Solomon witnesses, mirth shall be mingled with lamentation, and grief shall seize upon the extremes of gladness ; that I may provide for the safety of my soul and may receive the favour of the Lord, the rewarder of good deeds : I grant, give, and by this my present charter confirm, for the salvation of my soul, and of those of all my ancestors and successors, for a free, pure, and perpetual alms to God and the Blessed Mary of Furnes, and to the Abbot and monks there serving the lord ; the use of all kinds of mines which may be found within my kingdom, both beneath the soil and above, with free transit everywhere throughout my kingdom, without let or hinderance of me or my heirs, or people, for their full profit, and at their own pleasure, as may appear most fitting to them. I have given moreover to the said monks one messuage containing three acres of land, in a fitting place at Bakenaldwath,* to build a house, as well for the reception of their men as for a repository for their minerals and other property. To have and to hold freely and peaceably, wholly and fully, with all their appurtenances, free of all secular service, exaction, and demand:

And if they should purchase or sell anything within my kingdom they shall be free from toll and all other custom. And I, the said Harald, and my heirs, will warrant, acquit, and defend all the aforesaid to the said Abbot and the Convent of Furnes, against all men, for ever. In testimony whereof I have affixed my seal to this present writing. Done at Furnes in the year of Grace One thousand two hundred and forty six, on the day of the Apostles Philip and James. Witness, lord Yvor of Mann, Master Th[omas] de Mann, master Maurice clerk to the king of Mann, Roger de Stokes, Simon de Boyvill and others who were present. Dated at Sandscat in the third year of our reign, on the aforesaid Feast of St. Philip and James, lord William de Mideltone then being our beloved father Abbot.**


[note the given latin script kept the abbreviated hand and used characters not representable within the HTML latin alphabet - as the resulting scan is not usuable I have decided to omit it ]

* The Rev. Wm. Duggan informs me that this is a meadow near St. Trinian’s, adjoining Coolingel, known as the Lheeney-al-rhunt.

** Two seals pendant of a yellowish-green coloured wax are attached to this charter ; one a lion passant, and the other a ship without sails. See Frontispiece to the Society’s fifth Volume, edited by H. II. Oswald, Esq.


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