From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX




N[ICHOLAS], by the grace of God bishop of Sodor, to all the faithful in Christ who shall see or hear these letters, greeting, grace and benediction, We desire to bring to the knowledge of all of you, that we received at our return from the general council, by the hand of the lord N[icholas], abbot of Furnes, by the consent and assent of the whole convent, certain and so many things by the will of the lord M [ichael*] of blessed memory, our predecessor, namely, a pastoral staff, one golden ring, one chorister's capa, one alb, one amice and sandals, an old tunic and dalmatic for a deacon, one mitre and gloves likewise one chasuble, stole, and maniple, also another tunic and dalmatic, one silver gilt cup, two banners, one troparium, and one little cross of metal, and two triforia. In testimony whereof we have caused our letters patent to be made, and have affixed our seal to them, and freed them in regard to all the aforenamed things in the aforesaid will, nor will we desire anything else from them on any occasion whatever. These being witnesses, the Prior, and Sub-prior, and the Sacristan, and the Convent.

Indorsed, Acquittance for the vestments and books of the Bishop of Mann.




OMNIBUS Christi fidelibus has litteras visuris vel audituris, N. dei gracia Sodorensis episcopus salutem, gratiam et benedictionem. Ad universitatis vestre noticiam volumus pervenire, nos in reditn nostro de gerserali colicilio, suscepisse de manu domini N. Abbatis de Furnesio per consensum et assensum totius Conventus talia et tanta de testamento domini M. beate memorie antecessoris nostri. Baculum scilicet pastoralem, unum anulum aureum, unam capam de choro, unam albam, unam amictam et sandalia, vetustam quandam tunicam et dalmaticam ad diaconum, mitram unam et cyrothecas. Item unam casulam, stolam, et manipulum, aliam etiam tunicam et dalmaticam, unum calicem argenti deauratum, duo vexilla, unum troparium, et unam erucem parvam de metallo, et duo triforia. Ad hujis igitur rei testimonium, has litteras nostras patentes fieri fecimus, et nostrum sigillum eis apposuimus, et eos de omnibus in testamersto predicto prenominatis quietos absolvimus, nec alicujusmodi occasione quic quam aliud ab eis exigemus. Hiis testibus, Priore, et Subpriore, et Sacrista, et Conventu.

Indorse, Acquietacio vestimentorum et librorum Episcopi Mannie.


* Bishop of Mann.

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