From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

Charter of Reginald, 1188


A.D. 1188.

To all the sons of holy mother Church seeing or hearing these present letters, R[eginald] by the grace of God, king of the Islands, son of king Godred, greeting. Know all, that I, from a feeling of divine piety for the salvation of my soul, and of the souls of all my kindred and friends, have granted, and by this my present charter have confirmed, to God and the Abbey of the Holy Mary of Furness, and to the monks there serving the Lord, all the possessions, and all the liberties and dignities which that illustrious man. Olave, formerly king of the Islands, my grandfather gave them, in his then kingdom, now, by the grace of God, mine ; for a free, pure, and perpetual alms, fully and wholly, without any reserve and hinderance, the same as the charter of the said Olave witnesses. And that this my confirmation may for ever remain firm and uninjured, I have strengthened it by the apposition of my seal*

These being witnesses : Jocelin,+ Abbot of Russin ; Deremod, Archdeacon ; Rotheric, my brother ; Cospatric, son of Henry; Melcolin, the chaplain ; Dovenald, son of Kerald ; William, chaplain of Dalton ; Master John de Ripun++




OMNIBUS sancte matris Ecclesie filiis presentes litteras visuris vel audituris, R, dei gratia Rex Insularum filius Godredi Regis salutem. Noverit universitas vestra me divine pietatis intuitu pro salute anirne mee, et animarum omnium parentum et amicorum meorum concessisse et hac presenti carta mea confirmasse Deo et Abbatie Sancte Marie de Furnesio et monachis ibidem deo servientibus omnes possessiones, et omnes libertates et dignitates quas vir illustris Olavus quondam Rex Insularum avus meus eis contulit in regno tune sue, nune per gratiam dei meo. In liberam, puram et perpetuam elemosinam, plene et integre sine ulla exeeptione vel detrimento sicut carta ipsius Olavi testatur. Et ut hec confirmatie mea firma et inconcussa permaneat imperpetuum earn sigilli mei appositione roboravi.

Hiis Testihus : Jocelino, Abbate de Russin ; Deremod, Archidicono ; Rotherico, fratre meo ; Cospatrico, fihio Henrici ; Melcolino, capellano ; Dovenaldo, fihio Kerald ; Willelmo, capellano de Dalton ; Magistro Johanne de Ripun.

* This seal is not now in existence.

+ The same person who wrote the treatise " De Mannia, et aliis Insulis ad Deuns conversis."—vide p. 15, Vol. I

++ Reginald’s charter presents us with the third confirmation of the privilege of electing bishops for Man and the Isles. out of Furness.

* Vol. I., fol. 30. et Seq.


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