From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX

Charter of Godred, 1154


G[ODRED] by the grace of God, king of the Islands, to all the sons of Holy Mother Church, present and to come, greeting. It is the duty of good children to follow in the footsteps of religious parents and to guard uninjured and entire those things which they, in their times, shall have piously and religiously determined, which I, G[odred,] king of the Islands, considering, have given and granted to the church of the Holy Mary of Furness, full liberty to elect a chief bishop of the Isles, like as the charter of my father Olave testifies. And in order that this license to the aforesaid church may be firmly observed in my kingdom, I have strengthened it by the authority of my seal affixed to the present charter. These being witnesses.



G dei gratia Rex Insularum Omnibus sancte matris ecciesie . fihiis presentibus et futuris salutern. Bonorum filiorum est religiosorum patrum inherere vestigiis, et quod pie et religiose statuenint suis temporibus, illese postmodum et integre custodire. Quod ego G. Insularum Rex considerans, dedi, et concessi Ecclesie Sancte Marie de Fumes plenaniam libertatem eligendi pontificem insularum, sicut carta patnis mci Olavi testatur. Et ut hec libertas prefate ecclesie in Regno meo firmiter observetur, auctoritate sigilli mci presenti carte appositi corroboravi. Hiis Testibus.

+ Vol. I., fol. 50.


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