From Manx Soc vol IV,VII & IX



A.D. 1134.

O[LAPH] king of the Islands, to all the sons and faithful of the holy church of God, both present and to come, greeting. Seeing that an earthly kingdom is never well ordered, unless the Catholic service of the king of heaven be there observed. Therefore I Olaph, with the assent of wise and good men in council, have decreed and resolved, that the Christian religion in my kingdom shall be preserved entire under its own bishop, rather than be rendered desolate under strangers, and as it were mercenaries, who seek their own and not the Lord’s advantage. Know therefore and bear testimony to the truth, that by virtue of my discretion, I have committed and for ever granted to the church of the blessed Mary of Furness on account of the proximity of the place, yea and for the excellent life of the inhabitants, the honor of the said episcopal election, and the observance of my whole law of Christianity, saving always the reverence due to the Apostolic See. And in order that the same may be more perfect and more strictly observed, I have decreed a certain portion of my land for the erection of an abbey for the said church, as another charter witnesseth, for a most free and perpetual alms. These being witness : Eudo, the Abbate ; Gill, the prior ; W., the monk ; William and Hugo, priests ; Turkill, son of fohgel ; Jol, son of Macmars ; Gill ; Fin ; Snetol, son of Cutell, and many others without whom the matter may be effected. At Hou Ingren. -



O REX Insularum universis sancte dei Ecciesie fihiis et fidelibus tam futuris quam presentibus salutem. Quum Regnum terrenum nequaquam bene disponitur nisi in.ibi celorum Regi catholice serviatur. Iccirco ego Olaph sapientium consilio et bonorum assensu decrevi et statui ut iu regno meo christiana religio a suo potius Episeopo in unum conservetur quam sub advenis et tanquam mercenariis sua quippe et non domini querentibus divisa desoletur. Scitote itaque et testimonium venitati perhibete quod hoc discretionis intuitu commisi et imperpetuum concessi ecclesie Sancte Marie de Furnesio propter loci confinium immo pro bona vita inhabitantium ipsius Episcopalis eleccionis dignitatem, set et totius juris mei Christianitatis observantiam, salva semper sedis apostolice reverentia. Quod etiam ut melius fieret et fermius teneretur quandam partem terre mee ad Abbatiam construendam, predicte ecclesie sicut alia testatur Cartula in perpetuam elemosinam erogavi liberrimam. Testibus hiis : Eudone, Abbate ; Gill, priore ; W., monacho; Willelmo et Hugone, presbiteris ; Turkillo, filio fohgel ; Jol, filio Macmars ; Gill ; Fin ; Snetol, filio Cutelli, et multis aliis sine quibus res agi potest. Apud Hou Ingren.

1 Vol. I., fol. 30.


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