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In a manuscript coclex in the Vatican Archives [Vat. lat 8486.], the " Liber censuum Romanae ecclesiae," composed by Cencius Camerarius, AD. 1192, under the head of Norway we read

In archiepiscopatu Nidrosiensi—in episcopatu Bergensi-—in episcopatu Stauuengrensi—in episcopatu Hamarensi—in episcopatu Asloensi—in episcopatu Horchadensi—in episcopatu Sudereiensi, alias Manensi—in episcopatu Scalotensi in Islandia—in episcopatu Holensi in Islandia—in episcopatu Pharensi in Grotlandia (Greenland)—in episcopatu Gardensi in Grotlandia, etc." In another manuscript of the 14th century, containing a list of existing bishoprics and monasteries arranged under their respective metropolitans :—" Provinciale omnium mundi Ecclesiarum Patriarchalium, Metropolitanarum et Episcopalium"—under the letter S we find these words—" Sodorensis in Noruegia et prouincia Nidrosiensi, floren. VIc Lx. (600). Above the list of Norwegian bishoprics the following :—" Archiepiscopus Nidrosiensis hos habet sufiraganeos" and in the body, " Olorchadensem uel Orkadensem, Scorensem (Sodorensem) uel Jnsulanum prope Scociam est," whilst no mention is made of Man or the Sudreys under the archbishops of York or St. Andrews.*

* vide Professor Munch.


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