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SPEAKING of Wales he says :-Near this is Mona (Anglesey) called by the Britons also Mon, Tyr, Mon, and Ynis Dowyll, or the shady island, and by the Saxons Nonege. More to the north lies that Mona mentioned by Caesar, in the midway, as he says between Britain and Ireland. Ptolemy calls it Xonceda quasi Mon-eitha, i.e., if I may be allowed, a conjecture, furthur Mona, to distinguish it from the other Mona; Pliny Monabia, Orosius, Mevania, and Bede Menavia secunda, where he calls Mona, or Anglesey, Menavia prima, and both British Islands. In these authors, however, we have by mistake Mevania. Nennius, who passes under the name of Gildas, calls it Eubonia, and Manaw, the Britons Menaw, the natives Manning, we English the Isle of Man. " It lies as Giraldus Cambrensis describes it, in the midway between the north of England and Ireland, occasioning no small dispute among the ancients to which of the two it belonged. The dispute was at last thus settled. As venomous creatures were found upon trial to live here, it was unanimously adjudged to the Britons." The natives, however, in language and manners come nearer the Irish, but with a small mixture of Norwegian.



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