[From Manx Note Book vol 3, 1886]

Meetings of Societies


—Castletown, 6th January: Ordinary Meeting in Grammar School, Mr. Edward Tooker in the chair. Papers read by Mr. A. W. Moore, MA., F.R.H.S., on "The Crucifix recently uncovered in the eastern end of Braddan Old Church"; by the Rev. J. Quine, M.A., on "Celtic Literature, Part i, Cymbric"; and by Mr. H. S. Clarke on "The Transformation of the Butterfly from the egg to the Imago, or perfect insect." The following members were elected—Mrs. J. A. Brown, Mr. Leigh Goldie-Taubman, J.P., Mr. P. Curphey.

—Douglas, 3rd February: Ordinary Meeting at S. Thomas’ School, the Rev. E. B. Savage, M.A., F.S.A., President, in the chair. Papers read on "Cremation" by Dr. Richardson; "The Wild Flowers of Mona," by Miss Dodd. The following communications were received—"The Arachindae of the Isle of Mann," by the Rev. S. Gasking, B.A., F.G.S.; "Notes on Somerset Rubi," by the Rev. R. P. Murray, M.A., F.L.S. In the discussion arising out of these papers, the President remarked that " many years ago, Prof. Edward Forbes compiled a list of the Insular Flora. Since his time, however, nothing of the kind had been attempted, and it would be most useful if some of the members would undertake to prepare an exhaustive list of the flowers and plants of the Island. as such a list was greatly needed."

Douglas, 3rd March: Annual General Meeting at S. Thomas’ School, the President in the chair. Members elected: Colonel W. H. Paul, Sir J. Gell, Mr. Geo. A. Ring, Mrs. Ring, Miss Brown, Mr. M. Lupton. The Treasurer’s report read showing balance in hand of £14, approved. Secretary’s report, showing that there were 108 members and that the Society had held eight meetings during the year, at which seventeen papers were read. The President delivered his annual address, in which he dealt with the subject of local antiquities and the proposed insular museum. A paper on "Ogam Memorial Stones from Ballaqueeney, Rushen" was read by Dr. Haviland, who also moved that, in view of the British Association meeting at Manchester, an invitation to visit the Island be addressed to its members. After a lengthy discussion the motion was adopted, and a deputation consisting of Deemster Gill, Rev. E. B. Savage, and Dr. Haviland was appointed to wait upon the Lieut.-Governor to confer with him on the subject. The Officers of the Society for the ensuing year are—President: Deemster Gill; Vice-president: Col. Anderson, Receiver-General; Treasurer: Miss A. M. Crellin; Secretary: Mr. W. J. Cain. Mr. P. M. C. Kermode was elected to represent the Society at the British Association.


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