JOARREE my t’ou laccal ye,
Reaylt ayns sauchys shee as fea,
My t’ou shirrey aash dtyt hene,
Eunys sheelt dyn loght as glen,
Ayns shoh vees oo trean as reen,
Tar eisht tar dys Mannin Veen.

My t’ou imlee ayns dty lheil,
As da mooadys dyn cur geill,
My t’ou noi, dagh nhee ta dewil,
Reddyn taitnysagh da’n jouyl,
My t’ou dooinney mie as creen,
Tar oh ‘tar dys Mannin Veen.

My ta gennallys dty oai,
Graih dan naboo soilshagh cooie,
My t’ou gentyn mie erreeish,
Lheid’st ta cronnagh meenid Chreest,
Cha you boayl er feaie ny cruin,
Sheshaght iheid’s t’ayns Mannin Veen.

SHOH yn boayl ta tremmid cree,
Feddyn gerjagh aash as shee,
Keeshyn thie cha ye! son ginsh,
Earroo dty uinnagyn son keesh,
Cabbyl ny dty voolnjer hene,
Coontyt vees ayns Mannin Veen.

HROAILTAGH eisht nish gow my ghoo,
Cha ye! aalid cheerey smoo,
Boayl dy vaik oo ny tayns shoh,
Cha ye! nhee ta noi yn traw,
Tar eisht yoarree gow dtyt hene,
Cummal bwaagh ayns Mannin Veen.

Translated by W. J. CAIN.

Dear Isle of Mann

STRANGER, if thou seek’st repose,
" Safety, peace from fortune’s blows,
Calm and rest from petty care,
Pure enjoyment, pleasant air,
f sound health thou dost esteem,
Come, then, come to Mannin Veen.

IF’ thou’rt moderate in desire,
Nor to greatness dost aspire;
If thou’rt upright, peaceful, true,
And dost hate things evil too,
If thou spurnest all things mean,
Come, oh, come to Mannin Veen.

If thou lovs’t thy neighbour well,
If thine heart doth freely swell,
Feeling pity for distress,
Showing Christian gentleness,
If thou hast a cheerful mien
Thou’lt find friends in Mannin Veen.

HERE the heavy heart will find
Comfort, rest and peace of mind.
Taxes there are none to pay,
Thy house may be light as day.*
Neither man nor horse, I ween,
Will they count in Mannin Veen.

TRAVELLER, thou may’st take my word,
Nought displeasing has’t thou heard,
Can’st thou find a lovelier spot?
Well, I trow, that thou can’st not.
No such country’s to be seen,
Stay, then stay, in Mannin Veen.

Versified by A. W. Moore.

*no window tax in the Isle of Mann,


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