decorative knotHouse Style for 'A Manx Notebook'

The general format for these pages is to use a small logo to indicate the page set to which it belongs. This logo appears at the end of the page and acts as a hyperlink back to the index page for that set. The logo is generally shown in the header for that index page. (Note that the borders on this logo are set to 0 and thus it will not generally appear with your usual hyperlink coloured border).

On many pages small thumbnail photos (generally 225 pixels in width) are displayed. Many of these images are linked to larger images (generally 500 pixels in width) but the hyperlink border is disabled.

The [Manx Note Book] logo will always return you to the top-level index page.

In the full-text page-sets I decided to keep to HTML rather than, for example, pdf and thus have to accept that the viewed image will differ in several respects from the original. Where I felt the formatting of the page was important I have attempted to reproduce it within the bounds of HTML. One major problem is that of footnotes - I decided to move all these to the end of the chapter and thus have generally needed to alter the indicator used with the text.

 [Manx Note Book]

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